Tips On Keeping Your Luggage Safe When Travelling

Many of us have experienced the panic of a missing bag when on our travels. It might be that somebody has taken it by accident from the airport conveyor belt, or it might be that somebody has actively stolen one of our bags to have a sneaky peek inside. There might even be times when we have been to blame, perhaps taking somebody else's bag by mistake, especially when it has resembled one of our own. 

Whatever the case, it's important to find ways to keep our luggage safe. After all, the last thing we want is to be without our holiday clothes, passport, or any other items that are crucial on our travels. 

Here are some useful tips.


This won't be possible when you're travelling solo, but if you do have companions with you, delegate particular bags to each person. This way, you will have other pairs of eyes and hands watching the luggage you are carrying, and assuming they aren't absent-minded, you have a better chance of keeping your luggage safe.

#1: Delegate luggage responsibility with others

#2: Make use of any storage facilities

Flight delays are common, so there might be occasions when you have to spend longer at the airport than you would like. Not only is this a tedious experience, especially when you have explored all that the airport has to offer you, but there is a greater chance of some of your luggage going missing. So, to protect your bags, and to give you a break from lugging them around, make use of the airport locker facilities if they have any, or use storage services akin to Stasher to find another safe place to stash your bags while you're waiting for your flight.

People won't take your bags by mistake if they are unmistakeably yours, and you won't make a slip-up either. And if one of your bags does get stolen, you (and the police) will be able to spot it in a busy crowd if it stands out in any way. So, do what you can to make your luggage easily identifiable. Tie coloured ribbons around your bags, emblazon them with stickers, and use these other luggage suggestions to characterise the bags in your possession.

#3: Ensure your bags are easily identifiable

#4: Invest in zipperless suitcases

A would-be thief is going to have a hard time getting inside a zipperless suitcase, so despite the extra expense, invest in one or more to keep your belongings safe.

Some suitcases come pre-packaged with small padlocks, but for the experienced travel thief, these are often quite easy to crack open. So, buy sturdier padlocks for your luggage, and if they are password coded, remember to use a code that isn't easily guessable.

#5: Padlock your bags

#6: Invest in a luggage tracker

Can't find your bag? Worried that somebody else has picked it up by mistake or that it has been stolen? By using a luggage tracker that can be connected to your phone, you will soon be able to track down your missing luggage. 


So, those were just a few ideas for keeping your luggage safe while travelling. You need never lose your most valuable and precious items again!