Running on a Tight Budget: 5 Frugal Beauty Hacks

If you’re really into your makeup, you will know only too well that you could do with spending a little less on your beauty routine. All the products lined up on your dresser probably add up to a pretty penny, and some of them may even be unnecessary expenditures. If you find yourself on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on your looks, check out these handy frugal beauty hacks. You never know, you might even save enough money to splurge on something you’ve had your eye on for a while!

If you use mascara every day, it can soon run out. But before you throw it out, and assume there is nothing left in the tube, check to see whether it hasn’t simply dried up. As long as you are within the mascara’s expiration date (you should only really keep makeup items for a few months), you can revive it with a bit of hot water. Simply fill a cup with some hot water from the faucet (you don’t need boiling water) and pop the tube in for a couple of minutes. Your mascara will be as good as new, and you didn’t have to go out and replace it!

Don’t Throw Away Your Mascara Just Yet!

Use Eyeshadow in Place of Your Usual Highlighter

Instead of buying a different product for different purposes, why not see if you can use the same product for more than one thing? For example, eyeshadows usually come in packs of different shades, so you are bound to find one that can double up as a highlighter. This can work the other way around too; a bronzer or highlighter can work just as well as an eyeshadow. Additionally, depending on the shades you have in your collection, some lipsticks can work well in place of blush.

Makeup wipes are not only bad for our wallets, but they’re also bad for our environment and even our skin! Did you know that most makeup wipes will only really remove the top layer of visible dirt and replace it with alcohol and other drying chemicals? The best thing you can do here is switch to either reusable wipes or a natural alternative. Most oils are great for this, but you are best off choosing coconut oil. This is because it is easily absorbed by your eyelashes, meaning that you will be conditioning them at the same time as removing your eye makeup. Simply rub the oil onto your eyes and gently remove it with a washcloth.

Ditch the Makeup Wipes

Look for Discounts!

Sometimes, you are so attached to your everyday products that you just don’t want to let go. You have your favorites, and no cheap replacements will be good enough for you to feel confident and fresh-faced. Luckily, you can save on makeup and hair products by shopping around for discounts and deals online. Sites like Upgraded Reviews allow you to search by category, and you may just find your favorite brand has a special deal on!

It may surprise you to learn that a lot of ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboards can be used to make your own beauty products. From hair masks to bath bombs, and even body butter, there are plenty of how-to tutorials online that can help you in your quest to becoming a frugal beauty queen! For example, honey, egg and apple cider vinegar can be mixed together to create a mask that nourishes, hydrates, and makes your hair shine.

Try out some of these frugal beauty hacks and see how much you could save!


Make Your Own!