More Than Just a Shade: 5 Distinct Advantages of Yellow Gold Jewelry

If you are in the market for jewelry, you will find there are many choices, which can sometimes be overwhelming. There is rose gold, white gold, platinum, and so many others. One of the best-loved metals are yellow gold and for good reason.

Yellow gold is a classic that looks expensive that glows warmly and with rich colors. From charms to bangles, yellow gold is a favorite of those who love jewelry. Another much-loved piece of jewelry is the yellow gold engagement rings, they will stand the test of time.

Here are 5 distinct advantages of yellow gold jewelry:



Most metalsmiths or jewelers, those who create and work with metals, love the fact that yellow gold is flexible. They are able to bend and press it into many different shapes. This soft and malleable gold will not crack or break when customizing various pieces of jewelry. This is one of the major reasons it is so popular among those who create their own jewelry.

1. Extremely Flexible

2. Hypoallergenic

Yellow gold is the only choice for those individuals that are allergic to different types of metals. The combination of alloys in this type of gold is the least likely to cause someone to have an allergic reaction or a "green" color left on their skin. This type of reaction is often the result of cheaper materials found in some jewelry, although someone could be allergic to more natural metals as well.  



Raw or natural gold has a yellowish tint to it, therefore, yellow gold is going to be the closest representation of the natural metal without being actual gold. The color of a piece of jewelry is important and when you want the best, you should look at yellow gold. It is less expensive than natural gold and lasts nearly as long.

3. Closer to Natural Gold Color

4. Wedding and Engagement Rings

Due to its warm glow, gold is the choice of many brides and grooms for engagement and wedding rings. Gold is a symbol of value, strength, and beauty. It is also an emblem of fidelity. Using yellow gold creates striking beauty in both modern and vintage style rings for a wedding. Gemstones of color, as well as diamonds, shine brightly in a setting of yellow gold.

Yellow gold is a durable metal, perfect for both men and women's jewelry. This type of metal is resistant to tarnish, corrosion and rust, making it a highly sought-after metal for nearly all types of jewelry. Since it is malleable, it is also easily fixed if it becomes damaged in any way. It is also easy to maintain with regular cleaning.   


Yellow gold, in an engagement or wedding ring, or other pieces of jewelry, is a sound financial investment. This type of gold will last for generations, and that is what someone wants when shopping for a ring or other type of jewelry. Something made out of yellow gold can be passed on from mother to daughter and on and on.   



5. Maintains and Fixes Easily