Leveraging Pinterest to Promote Your Fashion Brand

Type. Browse. Pin. Continue for the next two hours.

This may be how an average female Pinterest user spends a lazy Sunday afternoon, looking for the latest fashion trend, OOTD (outfit of the day) ideas, hair-color hacks, and everything DIY (do it yourself). So if you have a business whose market focuses on women of different ages and sizes but you’re still not on Pinterest, why?

Pinterest (for those who don’t know) is a social-media platform dedicated to sharing visual images. Users also, called pinners, get to discover new things within their scope of interest; the application also allows them to organize and share pictures accordingly.

Although Pinterest is much smaller than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses should not overlook the potential of this platform when it comes to driving foot traffic and sales. With its 291 million active users spending an average of 14.2 minutes per session, Pinterest may be the next big thing to help brands attract a whole new market.

Women’s fashion is the third most popular category on Pinterest, so if your business caters to women’s style, it is essential to take advantage of this platform and capture female pinners. How do you do it correctly? Keep reading for the answers.

The early bird catches the worm, so start uploading or saving pins just before ladies start shopping for the new season. Keep in mind that Pinterest users are planners; they search for pegs ahead of time so they will know which style to get. Better start saving pins as early as forty-five days before the new season kicks in. 


With over a billion pins each day, it is also vital to use strong keywords on the description. Pinterest users do not search for a specific brand when browsing for style inspos. Brainstorm on keywords essential to the fashion world but also related to the image. 


Be One Step ahead of the Trend

Utilize Boards Wisely

A well-organized Pinterest board is every girl’s dream. They keep specific boards for winter, spring, summer, and fall fashion. There are even boards for date-night outfits, casual dinner attire, and more—the options are limitless. 


Organizing business content over Pinterest will give the brand more chances of getting impressions and users landing on the brand’s page. Utilize boards wisely by incorporating creativity.


Aside from pinning tons of fashionable clothes, create a lifestyle approach, like highlighting an item. For example, make a board dedicated to 100 ways to layer clothes during winter or seven ways to wear culottes at work.


More pins mean more chances of winning the attention of Pinterest users. The higher the number of pins per day, the more engagement the business page gets. An average of 10 to 12 pins per day is enough to feel the social media presence of a fashion brand.

Be Consistent

Use High-Quality Images

Poorly captured and edited photos have no room on Pinterest. Remember that it is a visual social-media platform, so creating eye-catching content is a must.


Sharp and vibrant images are also not enough; editing them creatively will get more chances of appearing on a user’s board. Using real people to model fashion-related content is also essential as it helps users to picture themselves on each product.


Speaking of visuals, aside from using high-quality photos of fashion items, highlighting the overall presentation of the brand, also catches the pinners’ attention. For example, try including the brand’s nicely curated collection of products in an eye-catching subscription boxes for some content. That way, users will have a vision of how they will receive the items when they eventually decide to make a purchase. A Pinterest-worthy packaging shows that the brand values the overall shopping experience of their customers. 



Make Pin-Worthy Packaging a Presentation of the Brand