Interesting Facts About Handmade Jewellery

When a piece of jewellery has been handmade, it can offer big amounts of customisation that mass-produced accessories just cannot offer. With this level of personalisation, it leaves much to the imagination about what makes these intricate items so special and one-of-a-kind. 

Handmade jewellery is something to be adored and admired as a great deal of time and effort has gone into crafting the piece. If you are looking for something special and personal for a loved one, this is the perfect thing to get. 

If you are currently on the lookout for a beautiful gift, there are some stunning shops offering exquisite handmade jewellery in London. There you will discover just how beautiful handcraft pieces can be. But before your curiosity gets the better of you, here are a handful of things that make handmade jewellery unique that you may not have previously known: 

  • Some of them date way back - When you hear of handmade, you think of something that has been immediately designed and crafted. However, it is often common that it’s older than you think because many handcrafted jewellery was made before the industrial era. In fact, prehistoric jewellery can be over 100,000 years old if you really wanted to look into the details. So never be deceived and if you are curious to finding out the date of creation, always check with the jeweller.
  • It takes great expertise to craft handmade jewellery - If you are purchasing a handmade item, it truly takes years, even decades, to master the art and produce something beautiful. Many people can take courses and create simple necklaces and bracelets, but the complexity of high level jewellery takes vast amounts of practice and countless hours’ worth of training. Many designers would have, in fact, undergone training covering things such as stone setting, polishing and casting. Several also go on to attain advanced degrees in jewellery, being able to create even more intricate designs. 
  • Your jewellery may even be repurposed - If you have something handcrafted, then there’s a good chance that it is even repurposed. All brilliant and experienced jewellery know there is no harm in a bit of repurposing, especially when there are materials, pendants, crystals and gems that are stunning. In fact, some of the most intricate pieces of art have been created from repurposed jewellery. 
  • It can tick all the boxes - Last but not least, artisan jewellery can be handmade to literally fulfil everything you want in a piece of jewellery. It can be everything you want and more as the expert also brings in their own designs and levels of experience, giving you something completely original and bespoke. 


As you can see, there are so many unusual things to be adored when it comes to handcrafted jewellery.