8 Top Tips for a Fabulous Holiday in Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and a popular holiday destination with travellers of every sort. The island is not only home to a wide range of stunning natural landscapes, but also to a rich history steeped in mystery and myth. That’s in addition to the delicious and fresh Mediterranean cuisine you will discover while lounging on the beautiful sun-drenched beaches. There is so much to see, in fact, that the difficulty for many travellers is choosing what to do while on the island. Here are 8 top tips for a fabulous holiday in Crete to help with your planning.

1. Stay in a Cretan villa

It’s true that there are plenty of hotels on the island, but it’s difficult to get the real Cretan living experience when you stay amongst other tourists. Instead, consider staying in one of the many beautiful villas in Crete which provide you with a home from home in one of the popular areas like Chania, Rethymno or Elounda. There are villas near relaxed and secluded beaches, lively towns and traditional mountain villages so you can choose the location which suits you best.

2. Explore the Cretan villages

To see some authentic Cretan life and architecture be sure to explore the numerous Cretan villages. There are plenty to choose from whether you’re headed towards the coast or the mountains. For example, Rethymnon boasts wonderful villages such as Spili, Asteri and Anogia.

3. Indulge in Cretan cuisine

Food lovers can experience the very best the Mediterranean diet has to offer. From fresh seafood to Cretan cheeses and famous dishes like kleftiko or stifado and the traditional Greek dessert kataifi. Cretan cuisine is both delicious and healthy. Find out more about what to eat in Crete.

4. Drink a Greek coffee

The Greek islands are well known for the quality of the coffee and the national love of the ‘kafenio’ or coffee shop. Grab yourself a koulouri (raisin bread with sesame seeds) and start dipping.

5. Try your hand at pottery

Crete is well known for its traditional pottery which began back in the Neolithic period and there are four pottery centres around the island where you can watch skilled potters at work and even take a class.

6. Sample some Cretan wines… and raki

When it comes to Mediterranean wine, Crete has some of the very best. The Cretan soil produces incredible grapes and the people of Crete have been making wine since the Minan civilization. It’s also highly recommended that you at least try the famous raki liquor which is served all over the country at all times of day.

7. Discover the stunning landscape

You will never be far from a photo opportunity in Crete thanks to the incredible and diverse landscapes all around. The narrow streets of the old town areas of Chania and Rethymnon, the breath-taking Venetian fortresses, golden beaches and the Samaria Gorge are just a handful of the sights to enjoy.

8. Relax on the Cretan Beaches

Crete’s beaches are truly gorgeous with tropical shores and turquoise waters of Kedrodasos or Chrissi, as well as dunes of Xerokambos and Lafonissi and the lagoons of Elounda and Balos.