5 Fashion Bargains for Men

There is just something about being a fashionable man. It not only improves how people may perceive you but instantly boosts your confidence, so you feel better about yourself. More men these days are conscious about what they wear and how they put it together. There have been significant improvements in men’s fashion away from the suits and khakis, but some may be concerned that it is expensive.

For men who stick to the basics, mainly, it is because they find it unnecessary to buy items costing more than their rent. However, it is essential to note that you can be fashionable without going above your means. The secret is in discovering your style and how best you can work on it affordably. There are so many stores that specialize affordably and sustainably, so all you need is an open mind. Read on to find out how you can look good on a budget.


You can get some excellent pieces to transform your wardrobe by knowing how to shop on a budget. The following tips will help you get what you need without it necessarily costing thousands.


Tips for dressing well on a budget

Get basic pieces

There are a few items that must be in your closet as a man. These will help you create different looks, and the best part is that they are not necessarily expensive, especially if you buy a few of them at a time. some items that you need include:

  • Shirts. Whether you have a job that requires you to dress formally, shirts are a must-have. They are simple, and when paired correctly, they give a clean look. If you are not into formal wear, casual smart is the way to go, and you will need a few shirts for this. Get some white, black, and a few colored ones according to your taste. 
  • Polo shirts and T-shirts. As mentioned, casual smart is one of the best ways of looking clean and fashionable, and polo shirts are excellent for that. Buy a few colored ones, white and black. T-shirts are essential, so whether you like plain or printed, it is up to you. Remember, buying in bulk gets you discounts in most stores, especially online.
  • Shoes. There is no bargaining when it comes to footwear, but it is best to get a variety of different looks. You don’t need ten pairs, but one of each category you usually wear is excellent. Have some formal ones, sneakers, rubbers and maybe some brogues. You can get all of these for no more than $50 per pair for a quality shoe that will last.
  • Khakis and jeans. No man should lack nicely fitting khakis in his closet since they go with pretty much anything. Here you can do nude colors or bright ones if you are bold. A good pair of jeans are timeless. Just make sure it is form-fitting and clean. 
  • Accessories. These bring together any look, and they show that you are attentive to details. Find affordable statement rings, necklaces, lapel pins, and bracelets.

If you don’t want to be revamping your closet every couple of months, stay away from trends. It is not a must, and your pocket will thank you for it. The problem with trends is that many of them are usually over before you get into it. So you have a whole bunch of items that you can’t wear because you will look weird, and your bank account will suffer. However, you can get a few pieces that are trending, but don’t get too drawn into it. Stick to the classics, and don’t forget your sense of style.

Don’t do trends


Most men don’t wear thrift clothes, but that is where you go wrong. You can find the best items that are high quality at a thrift store, clean and iron, and you will have the most fabulous closet. Luckily there are so many thrift stores even online, so have a look and see what you can get to boost your look.


You may have read this far, but you still don’t believe that it is possible to look good on a budget. Well, here are five bargains to get you inspired.

Cole- Haan Warren' Apron Toe Derby

Finding a high-quality formal shoe that will last you years at a budget can be quite a difficult task. However, you can get this Cole Haan derby for up to 50% off online. You get the same excellent shoe, but for so much less, so you look good, and your wallet is cushioned. 

Fossil-The Commuter Chronograph Leather strap

A good watch is one of the best accessories that any man can wear, which is why you should have one. Rather than buying a copy, Rolex, how about getting an original piece like this at a discount of 60%? With the discount, you can get it for less than $50.

TOPMAN-Skinny Fit One-Button Suit Jacket

Your closet needs a suit or, at the very least, a good jacket that you can wear formally or for a casual smart look. This Topman jacket is available online for 50% off, and it is excellent quality. One button jackets are always a safe bet as they work for most outfits.

Inspired Baccarat Rouge 540

This is one of the best scents for men since it is timeless and will get heads turning. However, it costs more than $250, which is not practical for many, but you can get a copycat for just $50 and have the same quality of cologne.

5-Pack Pique Polo Shirts

Plain polo shirts go with pretty much anything, and this pack is one of the best since it is high quality- well-rated and costs just $36. You get them in different colors so don’t worry, so all you need is an excellent pair of pants.

Buying fashion items on a budget is a tricky affair, but the internet is abundant, and you can get pretty much everything you need. Online shopping tends to be the cheapest, so embrace it but first research on sizes and check on the return policy. Have a go-to tailor that can help with loose-fitting clothes because the only thing more important than looking fashionable is getting the right fit.


5 Best Bargains for Men