4 Summer Bikinis Looks To Try Out

Summer is coming up, blink and you'll miss it - so I'm here today to talk about the best summer bikinis, so you can feel both fabulous whilst catching a tan or taking a quick dip into the sea. Alternatively if you're not about the summer holiday lifestyle, then you can definitely take some inspiration for any adventures you have, or time to dip into your local pools. These are my personal top favourite 4 styles, that work with every body type.

Alike the classic little black dress, the traditional classic bikinis should be a staple ready to pack from your wardrobe, to suitcase. It's incredible how many colours and patterns that are available. This fabulous two piece is from Protest - which is a total beauty.

The Classic Bikini

The Push Up Bikini

If you're looking for a little oomph in the chest department, then your go-to will be a push-up bikini to give elevation and support whilst you're running down the beach and living your best life.

Throughout the years, tankinis have got ever more popular, and they're not just for the shy of those who don't fancy showing  their tummies, but because they're brilliant if you're wanting to keep your back and stomach away from the sun. If you love indulging in water sports, I highly recommend considering a tankini as they can stop the harsh sun from getting to you whilst surfing the waves. Also, they're great to mix and match!

The Tankini

The Triangle Bikini

A triangle bikini is my personal favourite - not only are they incredibly versatile and work wonders underneath little beach tops, but they're the most supportable of all bikini tops for all different bust sizes. They were exceptionally popular during the 80s for their deep plunging necklines, meaning you can get a tan in all the places you want to show off.



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