4 Easy Upgrades for Gadgets You Use Every Day

In this fast-paced era, people are considered left out if they don’t partake in the usage and consumption of advanced technological devices this age seems to require. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung constantly make further innovations to the gadgets used daily. To these companies’ advantage, upgrades actually fuel consumers to keep up.

While some accessory upgrades offer cool, groundbreaking features, it is also expected that they’re expensive, especially the ones that are yet to be released. There's also excellent options to customise your phone case like Mobile Mob - making it budget friendly when you want a little upgrade. 

That being said, upgrades don’t always have to be futuristic and cutting-edge. Enthusiasts can find even the simplest improvements to be useful and convenient.

Without waiting for the next big reveal, here are some quick and easy upgrades for everyday gadgets.



Though most devices such as smartphones and laptops come with the brand’s flagship audio device. Some of them may not be enough, depending on the need.

Sure, gadgets nowadays have built-in speakers, but it isn’t always appropriate to blast the volume when in public. Moments like these definitely require a good headset, and upgrading to something fancier can provide a whole new experience.

On the other hand, there are times that call for a high-quality speaker. Imagine staying in to watch a movie on the laptop but not getting in on the action because the built-in audio is not good enough. Or you’re inviting friends over but not able to enjoy dancing because the speakers are a letdown.

Choosing the right speakers and headsets that can be used for essentials like phones and laptops is an upgrade worth spending on. Alternatively there's audio visual hire melbourne


1. Speakers and Headsets

2. Phone Cases

When it comes to gadgets, it’s probably safe to say that smartphones are what people use on a daily basis. Given this, phones are subject to everyday wear and tear. Each user, at some point in their life, has most likely dropped their phones, scratching and denting the phone’s outer frame, or worse, ending up with a broken screen.

And that is when phone cases and screen protectors come to the rescue.

These upgrades may not seem much, but they are actually very effective and are worth every penny as they improve the gadget’s durability and its overall life span.

Make this simple yet functional upgrade more fun by getting a phone case with a customized design. Choose an adorable photo of one pet, a capture from a travel, a film still, or even one’s own art. It’s a pretty neat way to express one’s personality.

True to its name, a screen protector, on the other hand, protects the phone screen from scratches and from being broken. It comes in tempered glass, nanoliquid, and thermoplastic, each with different functions. Choose what’s best depending on the need and lifestyle.


As with a phone case, a laptop case is a handy gear for one’s portable computer. Most of the time, laptops do not come with them, and even if they do, the case isn’t well-built, compared to the ones sold separately.

A place to store all the peripherals and the laptop itself is important, especially for students or busy individuals who bring a laptop on the go. Slim laptop backpacks are arguably the better ones as they work just like a normal backpack does. These take off the strain from the hand as there won’t be a need to carry it like a briefcase anymore.

3. Laptop Cases

4. Controllers for Consoles

Gamers know that one of the most common problems they will encounter is draining their controller’s battery after hours of gameplay. What’s more annoying is to go home from a long day only to find out that you forgot to charge your controller.

Luckily, these peripherals are easy to find, either online or in brick-and-mortar game shops. Whether on Xbox, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch, customers are sure to find these input devices at their local game store.

Adding another one or two to the game arsenal won’t hurt especially to those who love playing nonstop during the weekends, especially when you find your no deposit bonus at gamblizard. With such an upgrade, multiplayer games can also be enjoyed with friends who come over.

More importantly, no need to suffer the waiting game before gaming or using the controller wired. Just make it a habit to charge them all, or you’ll end up with a bunch of drained controllers.