11 None-IT Freelance Gigs Every Mum Can Take

Being a mother is unquestionably a full time job, especially at the very beginning when you are working full-time on breastfeeding and everything else a mom alone needs to handle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay like a full time job. In fact, it doesn’t really pay at all! While some mothers do go back to their careers and let other family members, nannies or daycares take over, that doesn’t suit everyone.


The prospect of leaving their child in someone else's hands just doesn’t sit well with some people and they’d much rather make a living by working from home, where they can still be a mother. 


Luckily it’s 2020 and freelancing can be a very lucrative career. While IT is probably the most common choice for remote workers, the market is pretty saturated there already, but there are a lot of other freelance careers that are worth trying.

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Here’s 11 you could look into:


  1.   Writer


This one is right up there with IT as far as popular choices in the freelancing world go but it’s quite a bit different. While IT is something that requires a lot of technical learning and knowledge of software, being a writer requires creativity.


This is off-putting for a lot of people who are just looking for something that they can learn how to do and make money from. But if you want an opportunity to let those creative juices flow, freelancing writing is a great choice.


Most freelance writers focus on content writing for websites. While there are jobs for writing fiction, content writing contracts are much more common and tend to pay better. Content writing is becoming extremely popular at the moment, so jump on a creative writing course and expand your CV. However there's also other opportunities like becoming a book editor, where you can get to read some of the best books available before they come out, and check for spelling errors - ideal if you're brilliant with grammar. 


  1.   Video Editor


Going back about twenty or thirty years, the only jobs that were really available for video editors were in the film and television industry. And while editing is still a huge part of that industry, we live in the age of the internet.


There’s thousands of videos posted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo every single day and a lot of them require some degree of editing. Most people who you would consider ‘YouTubers’ tend to do their own editing, but they’re not the only ones using these sites.


Many businesses and websites have realized the potential of online videos but some don’t want to edit them themselves. This is where the opportunity for a freelance editor arises. And it’s not the hardest thing in the world to learn.


  1.   Transcription


Transcription is a pretty straightforward job which might seem like it’s easy on the surface but it’s actually a tricky thing to do right. If you’re not familiar with transcription, it’s basically just typing down the vocal content of a video or audio file.


Sounds so simple but unless you’re an exceptionally fast typer and a fast thinker you’re going to need a transcription pedal and transcription software. You can find a lot of general transcription jobs online but the end goal would be to build up to something bigger.


Medical or legal transcription is where the real money is in this industry and if you can establish yourself as a transcriptionist you should eventually be qualified and recognized enough to get hired for one of those positions.


  1.   Customer Service


Every company that’s providing a product or service is going to run into some issues with customers and is going to need someone to take care of customer service while they’re working on said product or service.


This is where you can come in. Once again you think of a job like this as someone sitting in an office somewhere with a headset on, but once again it’s 2020 and you can do this from home nowadays.


It’s really a great job to have because a lot of companies will now offer customer service through instant messaging, so you wouldn’t even have to talk on the phone.


  1.   Graphic Designer


This is one of the jobs on this list that will take quite a bit of learning and practice before you can reach a high level of it, but that’s okay because there are many online courses which cover graphic design in great detail.


The job of a graphic designer is to envision and then design visual concepts using computer software. Companies will seek out graphic designers for their logos and their marketing and advertising material.


Like writing, this is a creatively fulfilling job which will usually offer you quite a bit of freedom to express your personal vision.


  1.   Social Media Coordinator


It’s never been more important for a business that wants to succeed to have a social media presence. You’ve seen it yourself, everything from supermarkets to restaurants to hair salons have a Facebook and a Twitter page.


And smaller businesses will have them too, but chances are they’re not running all of these pages themselves. They’ve got someone who understands the social media world taking care of that for them.


So if you’re fond of Tweeting or Instagramming (if that’s even a word) then maybe this would be a job that you’d excel at.


  1.   Account Manager


Now before you panic and assume that I’m suggesting you try and be a freelance accountant, that’s not really what I mean when I say accounts manager. The accounts of an online business tend to be a little bit less complex.


It would mainly be invoices and tax returns that you’d be dealing with. And since you’re a freelancer and you’re going to have to learn how to draw up your own invoices anyway, you might as well make some money off of it at the same time.


  1.   Photographer/Editor


There’s sort of two sides to this one. Being a freelance photographer isn’t quite as desirable of a position for a mother because you would have to go out with your camera and actually take photos, however you could be a photo editor.


It would be a good idea to learn a bit about photography of course, but put a lot of focus on learning how to use photoshop. Sounds a bit like cheating but everyone uses photoshop these days.


  1.   Web Designer


Good web design is essential for every business out there right now. Gone are the days when even a presidential candidate for the United States could use Angelfire to build their campaign website, it looks terrible by today’s standards.


A professional website needs to have a lot of time and care put into it. Web design definitely isn’t easy but you can learn how to do it and it’s very bankable skills once you can get a handle on it.


Every business is going to want to have a website built and if you can do it for them and do it well you can for sure make a career out of this.


  1. Copywriter


Copywriting and content writing are intrinsically linked, but they are very different things. Copy is what you see when you visit a webpage. The goal of it is to advertise and serve as marketing material for whatever the website offers.


Content writing is different because you’re trying to be creative and entertaining. While copywriting isn’t as much fun or as creatively fulfilling, it’s viewed as much more important and it will pay significantly more.


  1. Voice Actor 


I might be cheating you a little bit by including this, because it’s probably not true that everyone can do it. But everyone can certainly try. Voice acting takes quite a bit of practice and you need to have a lot of control over your voice and be capable of many dialects and speaking styles.


You’d also need a good microphone and have a soundproofed area of your home where you can record. But if you can do all of that it’s a highly lucrative job. The amount of online content that’s being created right now which requires voice acting is staggering.


From amateur animations to video games to advertisements, there are a ton of these jobs out there.


So as you can see, if you want to be a freelancer, you are definitely not limited to working in IT. You can do so many different things and there is so much money to be made online in this day and age.