Yves Saint Laurent Bags: Things You Need to Know

Discover the incredible history and the nifty design works that go behind the scenes to produce the amazing Yves Saint Laurent bags.

Established in 1961 by the eponymous designer Yves Saint Laurent, the designer fashion brand has gone on to establish itself within the royalty of the French and the international fashion world in no time. Within the first 10 years, they have introduced and popularized Beatnik clothing, revolutionized fashion design with international inspiration, and empowered a generation of women by enabling them to wear personal, yet powerful dresses.

Currently, the Yves Saint Laurent bags symbolize that traditional spirit, albeit with a penchant for modernity. Loved by people of all ages, the brand continues to satisfy both its critics and its fans with their edgy, expressive, yet timeless modernity.

Since the start, Yves Saint Laurent shaped the design philosophy of the Yves Saint Laurent Bags and their great range of other outfits. They were edgy and sophisticated – both at the same time. The brand was loved by people all over the world for their combination of street culture, an abundance of diverse inspiration taken from all over the world, as well as uncompromising comfortability in style. Today, they were credited as the most celebrated brand in the 20th century, with their late founding designer deservedly claiming all the accolades for the modernization of fashion.

Still, the brand experienced the threat of going bust quite a few times in their almost 60 years of history. In 1999, they were bought by Gucci. While Gucci is a fashion pioneer within its own right, they didn’t impose their controlled and sometimes conservative sophistication on the unbridled, liberated expressionism of the Yves Saint Laurent bags. They remain as chic and edgy as ever, just like the personality of their highly influential founder.

Owned by Gucci, Not Shaped by Gucci

Yves Saint Laurent Bags

In 2016, under the guidance of their then creative director Hedi Slimane, the ready-to-wear lines were re-branded as Saint Laurent, sparking a huge controversy. Their accessories such as handbags and shoes retained the traditional name and the coveted YSL logo. Elegantly taking its place in the upper part of YSL bags, the logo showcases originality, sophistication, and contemporary vibes matched by no other influential brands.

Yves Saint Laurent bags are available for both men and women, as part of a variety of collections in a variety of different designs and shapes. For women, the incredibly versatile, cross-body camera bags remain a big staple, while there is also a great collection of handbags and the iconic Minibags. The bucket bag remains unapologetically chic, while there is also the presence of modern convertible strap designs in some select designs. The iconic tiger-printed jacquard is also available online and many physical stores.

For men, there are also a great number of bags complementing different outfits for different purposes. It includes Sac de Jour, Backpacks, shopping bags, travel and business bags, and many other items.