Top travel trends for 2020

Many tourism experts predict that the travel trend that will most stand out in 2020 will be travelers who want to lessen the impact of their holiday on the planet. Issues like sustainability, ecotourism and leaving a smaller carbon footprint are definitely going to be more than just buzzwords. Travelers also want to know that tour operators are putting these principles into action, and not just paying lip service.

Here are some of the big holiday trends that we can expect to see manifesting in 2020! 


Travel in 2020 will definitely look at alternative modes of travel that have less impact on the environment. In New Zealand, you can rent an electric campervan to explore the beautiful countryside. In Switzerland, you can do an E-Grand Tour through the Alps in an electric vehicle. The stunningly scenic route is amply provided with more than 300 charging stations. 


The world abounds in wonderfully scenic, romantic and comfortable ways to explore the world by rail. And once you are at your destination, look into learning more about the area and its people and culture by alternative means like boats, buses, trams, sleds, horseback and bikes, to mention but a few.  


Slower will be better in 2020

Eco-holidays will be very much on the cards in 2020

Eco-holidays are in keeping with the ethos of sustainability that informs all responsible thinking about our planet at this time. The 2020 eco-tourist is blessed with a truly amazing diversity of choice in this regard, to suit virtually anybody’s preferences and budget.  


Just some of these wonderful eco-destinations include the Galapagos Islands, Finland, America’s Big Sky State of Montana, the volcanic islands in the Azores and the stunningly beautiful Palau marine reserve in Micronesia. So whether you choose to stay in an eco-tree lodge in Costa Rica, enjoy the marvelous facilities of one of the premier luxury game reserves in KZN, South Africa, or visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, the world is your oyster!


With the negative impact of air travel on our climate being very much in the news, many holiday makers will try to turn to alternative holiday destinations that reduce flying time - and possibly even eliminate it altogether. Cutting back on long-haul flying not only reduces cost, but also eliminates jet-lag and makes it easier to fit a quick getaway into a busy schedule! As an added bonus, many travelers find seeing their own country with all its myriad possibilities a very rewarding and enriching experience.  


Local holidays rather than overseas travel

Shorter holidays or ‘microcations’

It’s already difficult enough to carve out the time to take long holidays, and this will assuredly not change in 2020! So mini-getaways or the snappily named “microcations”, that are shorter holidays, slot more easily into busy work and family schedules. Microcations also offer travel opportunities to a greater range of people as it is frequently less expensive and more flexible. It makes it possible for people to take a rejuvenating break without being stressed about coming back to a hugely accumulated workload and big bills after a long holiday. 


The travel industry has taken microcations very much on board, catering to all kinds of people, budgets, and including a truly staggering variety of destinations, itineraries and length of time away.  The emphasis is on making it a very interesting and rewarding break by utilizing unique local cultures, features, customs, activities, cuisine and where possible unusual accommodations like mountainside refuges, yurts or converted monasteries!  



The idea behind this is to lessen the impact of over-tourism on popular destinations and their environments that are groaning under the overwhelming weight of tourists that descend on them annually. It refers to a lesser-known city that would not necessarily be the first to pop into your mind, but is none-the-less a very rewarding holiday destination.  So instead of going to New York, go to Cleveland, instead of going to London, go to vibrant Manchester or historic Dublin! Exploring the second cities of the world are not just rewarding and enriching, they can be significantly less expensive too. 


The evolution of ‘second city’ travel

Women-only holidays

The demand for women-only holidays has not only been growing fast, the diversity of destinations is on the rise too. These range from horse riding holidays in Argentina to mountain biking in Slovenia. You can undertake a women-only kayaking holiday in Sweden, enroll for a restorative and relaxing women’s only retreat in Portugal, or join one of the Girls Fun Tours in Australia! 

Whether it’s exploring the world more responsibly with your girlfriends by your side, or becoming a ‘tourist at home’, it’s going to be fun watching travelers shaking things up in 2020!