Top Tips For Planning A Fantastic Hen Party

Ah, the hen party; a valuable day of calmness and serenity amid all the wedding madness. The hen party is a very important day for the bride - it’s the day where she gets to relax and unwind before the biggest day of her life, whilst doing so in the company of her closest girls! What more could you ask for! So, let’s take a look at how you can plan the perfect hen party for the bride-to-be so that it goes off without a hitch - the last thing you’ll want is to turn this relaxing day into an event that’s filled with hassle and stress. Here are the top tips for planning the perfect hen party.


The build-up to the wedding is one that’s filled with challenges and for a first-time bride, the journey has likely taken more twists and turns than anyone could have imagined. With that in mind, it makes sense for the hen party to be a day that helps to alleviate some of that trauma and stress - this is where spa days come into things. A trip to the spa is the ideal way to unwind and relax. Spas are essentially all about relaxing - whether it’s a dip in a pool, a bit of time spent in the sauna, or some luxury treatments using the finest remedies and resources, you’re bound to feel more soothed and subdued the moment you step foot inside. Lake District Spa at Lodore Falls is our top choice for hen party spa days; the facilities are second to none, the rooms are gorgeous, there’s plenty to see, do, eat, and drink, and the surroundings are stunning. 


Unwind and Relax

Capturing The Moments

As with any big occasion, you’ll want to make memories that last a lifetime, but in the mad rush, you can sometimes be left struggling to remember the finer details. You can make sure you remember every moment by making sure that you get as many snaps of the day as you can! When it comes to pictures, you can do this in any way that suits you - you might want to get the girls to take photos on their smartphones, opt to give each hen a disposable camera to capture some in-the-moment snaps, or maybe even get a photographer on board to help you make the most of those magical moments.

This is something that you shouldn’t need to think about but should bear in mind anyway. Whilst it might be a big blowout for you and the girls this weekend, for other guests around you, it’s a tranquil getaway that they may have been looking forward to for quite a while, so it isn’t fair if that’s ruined by a bunch of rowdy hen party attendees. As a simple rule of thumb, try to keep the heavy drinking to the evening, make sure you all eat properly, and if you see any other guests getting a bit fed up of one of your mates, do your best to calm them down. If you manage to stick to those little tips you should be able to have a nice weekend without any issues.

Another way of spending your hen is by doing a life nude drawing for hen parties. Which is certainly a way that you can become more expressive.


We hope our tips have helped you along with planning a brilliant hen party for your bride-to-be bestie - it is a once in a lifetime event (hopefully!), so it’s only fitting that she gets a big send-off and congratulations as she moves into this exciting new phase of her life. Hen party spa days are the ideal way to give the blushing bride that magical day - but be sure to book early so you don’t miss out on the best rooms, treatments, and dates!



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