Steps To Help Plan Your Dream Vacation

Travelling is great and has so many benefits to it, from boosting your mood to allowing you to experience new places and cultures entirely different to your own. Most of us will go on holidays from time to time, and take this time to relax, challenge ourselves, or just refresh us. If you have a dream vacation in mind, it may take more planning and organisation for you to make this dream a reality.

Before you start looking around the globe for your dream location, you have to be realistic about where you can go based on your budget. If this is your dream vacation that you have been thinking about for a long time, then it makes good sense to save in the months, or even years building up to your ideal date. Creating a travel moodboard and having it somewhere visible in your home can keep you on track with your savings plan, and be that extra bit of motivation when you need to cut out any additional luxuries. Another way to keep you on track is to have a weekly or monthly savings goal that will correspond to the costs of your vacation. For example, if you want to go to Asia, then your first month of savings can go towards the cost of buying your ticket, and the following months may be for particular savings goals such as your vaccinations, or an activity on your trip. If you're looking for ways to save for your travel, you can check costco travel were they offer different travel deals.


Set a budget

Pick your top ten destinations

And then narrow that down to three. Apparently three is a good number to choose from. Any more and it gets harder to choose from, and could mean that you put off your vacation indefinitely or even worse, go somewhere you really don’t want to. Be specific when it comes to this step, as you may have a country in mind, but not really know anything about the cities or towns you can choose from. It’s crucial to bear in mind the kind of experience you want to have and then choose accordingly. Do you want tropics? An adventure holiday? Sun and sea all year round? Create a mood board of your dream locations and include the type of things that you can do in each one. No doubt something will catch your eye and help you to choose as you create.

What do you need to bring with you? Are there any vaccinations you need to get? Have you thought about Visa requirements? If you go to China for example, you will need to get a Visa. Check out www.evisumservice.be/ for more information about your Visa application.

Research everything about your country of choice

Check the weather

Don’t make the mistake of booking a location only to realise once you have arrived that it is rainy season or even worse, hurricane season. Don’t get tempted by cheaper flights that try to lure people in to certain countries during the low season, if the reason for this is due to antisocial or even dangerous weather conditions. Make sure you pack accordingly, and even if you go to a hot beach location, it never hurts to bring a lightweight jacket just in case things change while you are out there.


Make sure you buy a comprehensive travel insurance package that covers all the basic travel insurance needs, as well as making sure that it covers any additional risks or dangers of the country you will be travelling to. It may be worth getting yearly travel insurance cover if you are a regular traveller, as this can often work out cheaper.

Cover your back