Your professional buying guide for the best hair dryer in the fashion market

If you are a hairdresser, or love to style your lovely hair on your own, you know the importance of investing in a professional hair dryer, don't you? Choosing the right equipment will optimize the performance of your work. But, even those who are not beauty professionals can also invest in a professional hair dryer, as the equipment will help you achieve good results in a considerably shorter time. But before buying a professional model, you need to understand a little more about what you are buying.

The professional hair dryer can feature the following technologies – ceramics, tourmaline, negative ions, infrared waves, LED and titanium / silver nanotechnology. To qualify as a professional hair dryer, the equipment must have 2000 to 2600 watts of power. The device also needs to have temperature and speed control. The professional hair dryer has a professional AC motor, which lasts up to 10 times longer than the DC motor of a personal dryer. Guess what, GHD hair dryer has it all. The GHD Air Hairdryer has 2100 watt AC Motor that delivers high pressure air flow for fast drying. Equip with latest ionic technology, ergonomic design for both hands operation, 3m power cable, unisex model, AC motor at 240v, etc.


First, the most important

Professional Hair Dryer: What are the advantages?

The professional hair dryer is made of high quality materials, has a professional AC motor - which lasts up to 10 times longer than a standard hair dryer motor, and has high power. High power promotes efficiency, and halves the time it takes to dry or shape the wires. If you like to keep your hair always brushed, a professional hair dryer is a great investment. Generally, the professional hair dryer has different styling nozzles which guarantee versatility to the equipment.

Power – With power from 2000 to 2600W, the professional hair dryer reaches high temperature which facilitates the execution of styling brush, and shortens the time of this procedure.

Temperature Control – The professional hair dryer has temperature control, with three to six options suitable for different situations – cold air, warm air, hot air, extra hot air, etc.

Build Quality – The plastics used in manufacturing equipment are of excellent quality. Highlight for the material used in the palm rest covering, which has thermal insulation.

Ease of Cleaning – Another advantage of the professional GHD air hair dryer is the ease of cleaning thanks to the removable back cover. Although a simple feature, the removable cover gives the device greater durability.

Cable – The cable of a professional hair dryer is thick, flat, with a swiveling end up to three meters long, allowing you to travel longer distances without having to change outlets or use extensions.


Did you know that the professional hair dryer offers treatment while drying and shaping the hair? In this section we will talk about each of the technologies used in the highest quality models.

Tourmaline – When the Tourmaline Technology professional hair dryer is turned on, it carries negatively charged hair that divides large drops of water into smaller molecules that evaporate immediately. A device with this technology dries your hair faster, preventing damage such as dryness, opacity and breakage and helping to maintain natural moisture and luster shine.

Ionic – The GHD air hairdryer with ionic technology dries hair faster as it releases negative ions that counteract positive charge on the hair by sealing the cuticles. By sealing the cuticles moisture is preserved within the wires. This helps to reduce the static electricity of the wires, and reduce the appearance of frizz. With regular use, you will notice your healthier hair.

Infrared rays – There is also the professional infrared hair dryer that penetrates the hair quickly, dries it faster and leaves your hair looking healthy. This model is an excellent choice for those who brush more than three times a week, as infrared rays reduce drying time and damage from high temperatures.

Nanotechnology – Nanotechnology, applied through silver or titanium micro particles, makes the air jet coming out of the hair dryer cleaner which reduces the action of fungi and bacteria, and results in hygienic drying.


What technologies are used in a professional hair dryer?

Professional or personal hair dryer: Which one to choose?

The professional hair dryer offers more features than a personal hair dryer such as advanced technology and higher power which is crucial for reducing the time spent drying and brushing. But the professional hair dryer is suitable for beauty professionals or people who usually do a lot of brush at home. You will find the professional hair dryer in the best perfumeries. If you prefer, you can buy the product over the internet. Buying a professional hair dryer is not that simple given the variety of models available. However, it is easier if you know which features to analyze and compare.