Tips for A Rash Free Winter

Warm, hazy summer days are now nothing but a distant memory, and in their place are dark, damp cold days. This sort of weather can play absolute havoc on your skin, especially when you add in all the late nights and partying for the festive season. Here, we look at a few things you can do to protect your skin and help you have a rash free winter.


Now that it is the weather for thick tights, jeans, and long-sleeved tops, you can ditch the razor. Instead, look for hair removal solutions that are kinder to your skin, such as a hair removal cream. That way, you will avoid shaver burn and rash, and won't end up with legs and armpits full of cuts and knicks, which are not only unsightly but can be painful and sore.


Ditch the razor

Layer up

We all imagine thick, woolly jumpers in the winter to keep us warm, but actually, wool and other materials designed for warmth can be pretty rough and harsh on your skin. Instead of one thick layer, opt for lighter layers and build them up. Not only will this keep you warmer, as the warm air will be trapped between the layers, but it will also feel less uncomfortable against your skin. It also means that you can take layers off if you enter a warm building!


Your skin needs moisture all of the time, but more so in the winter, where the harsh weather followed by artificially central heated buildings can really dry it out. A rich, thick moisturizer can help lock in moisture and leave it feeling soft and supple. Do not forget the sun cream either - harmful UV rays can penetrate the clouds even on a grey day, causing irreparable damage to the skin. Aim to put one on with an SPF of at least 15 every day as part of your morning routine.

Look after your skin

Stay hydrated

As we said above, moisture is sucked out of our skin through the colder months, and the best way of replenishing it is to stay hydrated. While those giant mugs of warming hot chocolate are obviously fluids, it is no replacement for a glass of water. Try to drink around eight glasses a day, more so if you are planning to or have been drinking alcohol, which can leave you feeling dehydrated.

Winter is all about the comfort foods, but it is important to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day for not only the sake of your skin but your overall health.  Add lots of root vegetables to those hearty stews and casseroles, and check out some of the exciting fruits which are in season at this time of year - pears, pomegranates, clementines and oranges are just a few of them.


By putting these tips into practice, your skin will remain bright, clear and rash-free through winter. Have you got any to add to the list?


Eat a healthy, balanced diet.