Quality Time: Why Everyone Needs To Go Travelling By Themselves Once

It is one of the biggest adventures in life. Going travelling by yourself opens you to new and exciting experiences. But a lot of us don't want to do this. It's understandable; it appears that if you go travelling by yourself, you're opening yourself up to a plethora of problems. On the other hand, it can be one of the biggest challenges you will ever undergo, and help you learn so much about yourself. Let's provide you with some simple reasons why you need to go travelling by yourself at least once, and how you can make the most of it.


When we go travelling with someone, we tend to rely on them to fill in the gaps. Without anybody to rely on, especially in terms of language skills, or even the little things, you will engage more with a destination and have to get over yourself in order to ask locals how to get to the nearest toilet. It's the perfect opportunity to really immerse yourself into speaking with locals, but also understand and that when you do go with someone you know, how you limit yourself to the potential experiences. Going by yourself means that you will have to make every single choice, good or bad. And even if you make bad choices, you've learned from your mistakes!

You Will Engage More With The Destination

You Will Problem-solve Like A Pro

This is not a bad thing at all! You will encounter delayed transport, and it's these things that force you to think on your feet. Problem-solving is one of those skills that we can tend to avoid. Going by yourself, without the comfort blanket of a friend to do these things for you, means that you will have to dig deep, and figure out what you are capable of. Problem-solving is one of those skills that we all can benefit from. And even when you start to make the wrong choice, there is no one else to worry about. You don't need to worry about the impacts your decisions have on someone else. This means that when it comes to problems arising, you won't sweat them as much.

If all your friends work the standard 9 to 5, then them seeing you in an exotic, far away place may be reason enough to head off on your lonesome! It's always nice to send some correspondence to people back home, and you could send a postcard online, or just a little Instagram post just to keep people informed where you are. When all your friends are working, and you are worried about going somewhere by yourself, you know, deep down, they would much rather be in your shoes! And, when you are in the process of preparing for the journey, no matter how intimidating it may be, when you hear about your friends having to go and do that boring job, while you are getting as much out of life as you can, it can make you realise how much freedom you really have!

It Gives Your Friends The Opportunity To Be Jealous Of You

You Don't Need To Dance To Somebody Else's Tune

One of the most annoying parts of going on holiday with someone else is compromise. There are things that you may not want to do, or you decide that you want to do everything that you want, so they hold it against you. And when you go by yourself, obviously you can do whatever you want when you want, but it also makes you plan things as meticulously as you really want. Would you rather go with the flow? If so, then, by all means, this is your choice! And when you are looking for things to do, and you decide at the last minute that you'd rather not go, you can change your plans. Perhaps you want to go somewhere to eat, and then you decided you're not in the mood for that type of food. Well, you can simply decide to move on! It's not just in terms of the small decisions, but it's the larger ones as well. If you don't want to stay in a town anymore, you can rent a car, and off you go!



The most important thing about going on on an experience like this by yourself is that not only is it once in a lifetime, and you feel like you are out of your depth, but you soon figure out your own rhythm. After a while, you decide what you want to do, and you start to relax. You realise that not everybody is out to get you, and you are able to do everything that you want. And yes, it's scary travelling by yourself, but it can give you that confidence which you don't necessarily have in normal life. It's those little moments when you start to realise what you are capable of, whether it's in a stressful situation, and you have to just get on with something, or it's the middle of the night and you're staring up at the Northern Lights, and you realise just how much you sweat the small stuff. Because when you start to see the world, and all of the various problems out there, it makes you realise how insignificant a lot of your quibbles with life really are When you start to discover the world, and you plough your own journey, you will make friends along the way, especially when you think that you can't normally. But also, the very act of going travelling by yourself makes you confront yourself. You start to learn not just who you are but what you care about, and this renews and rejuvenates you in time to go home. So many people come back from travelling as a new version of themselves. And this is the biggest reason you should go explore. If you can only do it once, this can give you a wealth of experience more profound and enlightening that anybody who hasn't even ventured outside of their home county!

You Discover Who You Really Are