How to Banish Money Worries From Your Staycation

The UK has many underrated tourist destinations, and not many people have seen them all. Have you been to the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District or Cornwall? Especially if you’re travelling on a budget, a staycation can be an ideal way to enjoy a break without breaking the bank. 

But your ideal staycation probably doesn't feature money worries, right? When you start planning your trip, you're picturing a stress-free time, crammed with new experiences and perfect relaxation. But if you don’t get things in order before you go, your chilled staycation can quickly be weighed down by financial worries.

Financial stress is the single most talked-about source of conflict and worries while on holiday. If you have a staycation lined up, these tips will help you make sure you won’t spend it stressing about your dwindling budget.


While you may think that choosing to have a holiday in the UK rather than heading abroad should make the trip cheaper overall, this is not necessarily the case. While seaside locations like Cornwall have a global reputation for unmatched seafood, dining out in a famed holiday hot-spot can be pricey. Even if you’re choosing a staycation over an overseas trip, the cost of eating out three times a day adds up fast, and after a while, you may find yourself dreaming of a home cooked meal. Opting for self-catering lodges is a great way to enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer, without worrying about the cost of food on a daily basis. Cooking most of your family’s meals at your lodge means you might have a little extra money for a special dinner at one of the region’s internationally renowned restaurants.

Go Self-Catering

Decide on (and Pay For) Your “Must Do” Activities

Knowing ahead of time what your main activities will be (and ideally paying upfront) is a great way to ensure that you don’t have to weigh up seeing/doing the things you’ve come to your destination for, and affording essentials like meals or transport. It’s a good way to make sure you can do the things that you really want to do, without the possibility hanging over you that you could run out of money before you've had the chance to go on that tour of the city, or see that play you wanted to see.

Securing the best available rate for the most expensive bits of your staycation will make the overall cost a whole lot cheaper. Accommodation is usually the most expensive thing you’ll need to shell out for, so if you get a good advanced deal, you’re sorted. Start keeping your eye out for good deals well in advance of your trip. Who knows, you could get really lucky! Another really great thing about booking your accommodation in advance is that you won’t have to let your accommodation costs cut into your daily budget. There’s nothing more stressful than Googling accommodation at short notice when your checkout-time at your current accommodation is nearing and you don’t know where you’re going yet. Save yourself the stress, and book ahead.

Your hard-earned staycation should be a time to forget the cares of the real world, not get anxious about money. These tips will help you plan your holiday right so you can chill.



Book Accommodation in Advance