Denim Skirts to Augment Your Wardrobe

When you are clothes shopping, you have no shortage of options. Skirt shopping is no exception. When selecting fabric alone there is a world of choices. It can be hard to focus on one, but certain fabrics do stand out. One is denim because it is so comfortable and can last for such a long time. If you want to buy one or more denim skirts to augment your wardrobe, here are some questions worth answering.

Every denim skirt has a different amount of stretch, depending on the actual fabrics used to make it. For example, a blend of denim and polyester is more stretchy than a skirt comprised entirely of denim. Neither is a bad choice, but you still need to understand skirt composition. The one you should choose depends on the fit and comfort level you want.

How Stretchy is the Denim Skirt?

Does Skirt Length Matter with Denim Fabric?

Skirt length is another consideration. There are denim skirts of various lengths available. Any denim skirt length can be fun and fashionable. However, certain skirts are certainly more casual or formal than others. For example, a denim mini skirt is not necessarily appropriate to wear to work. Similarly, you might not want to wear a professional looking tight pencil skirt to a casual meeting with friends.

The other consideration, when it comes to denim skirt length, is the environment or time of year. If you live in an area that is always warm, a long skirt may be uncomfortable. Conversely, a longer denim skirt is more apt to keep you warm in colder weather. Also, keep in mind you can use layering and accessories like tights when you need to to stay warm. Therefore, you can still wear a somewhat shorter denim skirt, even when the weather starts to cool down in your area.


Another consideration is the comparison of raw and washed denim. Washed denim is actually physically washed when it is produced, creating a color-drained or faded appearance. Raw denim is not washed when it is made. That makes it more prone to bleeding (dye loss) when you wash it yourself. 


If you wash raw denim, it may shrink a bit initially. Therefore, you need to consider that when buying a raw denim skirt. Buying washed denim means what you see is what you get. It should not shrink more after it is in your possession. Therefore, you have to balance your desire for a good initial fit with your desire for bold, clear colors when picking your denim skirt.


Is Washed Denim Better Than Raw?

Do I Need a Blue Denim Skirt?

Blue is one of the most common denim colours. It is frequently used in the production of jean jackets and pants, among other products. However, blue is far from the only denim color on today's market. In fact, you can find almost any colour and shade of denim your hear desires, including white and pink.


The question is what denim skirt colour is best? It all depends on your priorities. If you want your skirt to work well for different occasions and compliment most of your wardrobe, pink is probably a poor choice. So is white. Black or blue might be better. However, a more unusual colour is great when your priority is to be expressive and different.



In the end, you will get the most wear out of your denim skirt if it fits certain criteria. For example, you have to like it and feel comfortable in it. It also has to be appropriate for the times and places you intend to wear it, which includes being weather appropriate. The best denim skirt is one you look at and can immediately think of many ways to wear it. It should go with your personality and your existing closet full of clothes.


Getting the Most Wear Out of Your Denim Skirt