I have all the clothes that I need for every occasion,” says no woman ever. Admit it; a lot of women are guilty of staring at a pile of clothes every morning and telling themselves, “I don’t have anything to wear.”

When it comes to fashion, every woman is guilty of the feeling of “not having enough” clothes for everyday use. Dressing up is a way of expressing oneself, so going full minimalist is almost impossible to happen. Not until 2019, when the minimalist approach in life has become not just a trend but has slowly turned into a way of life. 

The world of minimalism also introduced the idea of a capsule wardrobe or capsule closet.

It merely means owning a collection of essential and versatile clothing items that are wearable over and over. 

 To achieve this, one must go through a tedious clothes-purging process, letting go of the unnecessary items and keeping staples that can be mixed and matched with other essentials. So what happens to the eliminated clothes? Hand them down to family and friends, donate them, or simply sell them online.

 But before you start purging, keep these ten essential items that should be inside an ultimate capsule-wardrobe goal.


A high-quality and stunning blazer can give that edgy corporate look in the morning yet classic and fashionable at night. The good thing about blazers is they never go out of style. When the color or style no longer suits your fashion sense, you can easily sell items online.

1. Blazer

2. Perfect White Tee

You can never go wrong with a basic and reliable white shirt. Aside from the fact that light-colored clothes are comfortable, they are also easier to pair with other essentials and can go well with the latest trend.

The good thing about a button-down shirt or any blouse of choice is that it is wearable on both formal and casual occasions.

3. Button-down Shirt

4. Sweater

A knitted or cashmere sweater is a must-have, especially during cold summer nights. It can also be a perfect layering piece during winter.

There is a wide range of jeans cuts available, depending on one’s style. Denim or black jeans never go out of style; an excellent mix-and-match strategy is the key.


5. Jeans

6. Little Black Dress

Every woman should have her go-to little black dress (or LBD), which is flexible enough to fit during office presentations, romantic dinners, and even cocktail hours.

A reliable trench coat can last a lifetime and will never go out of style. It can easily add sophistication and edge to a woman’s look.


7. Trench Coat

8. Neutral-Colored Ballet Flats

Comfort meets style is the perfect way to describe a pair of ballet flats. It is a very chic and versatile footwear that can be paired with classic button-down and jeans but also looks good with a cocktail dress.



A pair of sneakers that are comfortable enough for some walking is a must. White sneakers are another staple footwear as they can instantly give that stylish yet relaxed look.

9. Sneakers

10. Neutral-Colored Pumps

A pair of sturdy leather heels is worth the investment. It’s handy for important meetings and even after-office appointments. 

Tips for Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Prepare for fall and winter ensembles by decluttering the ones that no longer spark joy. Set aside the items that no longer fit or have been unused in the past twelve months. Decluttering is also the right way of assessing missing items and filling gaps in your go-to essentials.

Learn to Let Go

Make Money out of It

After successfully decluttering clothes, it’s now easier to decide what to sell online, keep and reuse, pass on, or donate. Nowadays, it’s easy to sell preloved clothes on social media, but if you want to have a wider market aside from family and friends, you can also try a trusted e-commerce platform. Just make sure to have excellent-quality photos and include all the details (yes, even the slightest damage of clothes) on the listing.



Always be armed with look inspo when shopping for new clothes. Practice this to avoid impulsive buying and duplicating clothing items.



Research for Pegs

Colour Scheme

Try to stick to a color scheme. Better stick with the basic black, white, gray, and brown as these colors are more comfortable to mix and match with other essentials.

Although it is very tempting to follow the current trend of coats, jackets, and boots, try to be practical. Dress up for the weather rather than jumping on the latest trend.


Consider the Weather

Layer Wisely

Fall and winter are the seasons to level up your layering game. Make use of other staple items, like tees, sweaters, or jeans, to achieve a stylish layering.


End-of-season sale is very tempting—buy one, get one; 50 percent off; buying three for the price of two; and other promotions are everywhere. But do you really need those? A sale doesn’t always bring you savings. Buy only high-quality items that can still be useful in the coming years. 


Quality over Quantity

Bottom Line

It may sound cliché, but it is true when they say that less is more. The journey to achieving a hassle-free capsule wardrobe may not be a breeze, but it will surely be worth it.