Weather Forecast: Rain Means Fashion Trouble

Lorenzo sounds like the perfect name for a fictional summer romance character. You can picture him, wearing a bright polo shirt and sunglasses that hide his eyes. Perhaps, it’s someone the romantic heroine meets on the beach of a Mediterranean island. With a name like that, you imagine him with a slight Latino accent, a voice that carries all the warmth and sun of his culture when he speaks. Therefore, it makes no sense that the World Meteorological Organization would choose such a vibrant and friendly name for a hurricane.
The weather forecast is warning us about stormy weather, the remains of hurricane Lorenzo, set to spread across the UK. It’s hard to imagine that the charming Latino boy from a romance novel could become synonymous with darkness and cold. Lorenzo is expected to hit the Uk towards the end of the week. Thankfully, it has lost power as it crosses the Atlantic, turning itself into a storm rather than a destructive hurricane. Nevertheless, if you’re not staying indoors, you need to consider how Lorenzo is going to affect your outfit.

Heavy rain and stormy weather are a tricky challenge in the fashion world. If you haven’t already, you want to invest in weatherproof clothes, such as a waterproof windbreaker. You might still be able to find discounted products online from the end of season sales, however, be careful to buy from reputable retailers. With the counterfeit fashion industry accounting for 10% of all transactions, the risk of accidentally purchasing fake outdoor apparel online is significant. You may not be able to tell the difference from an online photo, but the low price should be a dead giveaway. Additionally, you’ll be wasting your money on something that looks like an expensive brand but has none of the features of outdoor items.

How do you best prepare?

The ultimate question: Boots or wellies?

Cute knee-high boots are the perfect allies if you need to go out. However, the weather forecast might have you thinking about investing in a pair of fun-looking wellies. Typically, there’s nothing wrong with wellies boots, but they are not always suitable as office wear or professional outfit. Ideally, unless you need to walk in nature for an extended period of time, your leather boots offer sufficient protection. You can even buy waterproofing spray to protect them and keep your feet dry. On the other hand, if you want to make the most of the rainy weather to pick mushrooms in the woods, pack your wellies, your raincoat, and your waterproof rucksack with you! 


According to MET forecast, the storm is going to die out before the weekend. By next week, you’ll soon be back to your typical autumnal apparel, enjoying all the cosiness and fun of a transitional wardrobe. Sure, it’s going to be wet for a few days, but the temperatures are not expected to drop. Your maxi dress and your cardi can stay in the autumn wardrobe for another few weeks! 


Flooding, stormy weather, and heavy winds are a staple of the season. Thankfully, they don’t last long. While you need to make sure you can stay warm and dry, there’s no need to completely transform your wardrobe. We still have a lot of sunny days before the first winter snow! 


What happens when the storm has gone?