Visiting Dubai Desert Safari

Bordered by Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Oman, Dubai is one of the most important emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai landscape is mainly formed of a vast expanse of desert and sandy desert patterns.

Dubai is known to convert any piece of land into a world of entertainment The desert too in Dubai is not just a vast expanse of beautiful sand, but a complete land of entertainment within itself. Yes! The Dubai desert safari experience is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the world.

Desert Safari Experience in this white sandy desert is a thrilling and fun-filled exploration. You can enjoy multiple activities in Dubai desert safaris such as dune bashing, sandboarding, fat-tire riding, camel riding, Quad bike riding, Dune buggy riding, and enjoying a sumptuous meal under the stars.

Let’s discuss them in detail. Read on.

Dunes in the desert provide you the perfect opportunity, unlike any other terrain. Vehicles with enough power under the hood and flat tires are raced on the sand cruising across the undulated desert. This is the sport that brings out the best of a 4 X 4 and offers a thrilling experience. Feel the adrenaline rush pumping through your blood. After being strapped to the seats of a Hummer or a Land Cruiser, you will be taken on a roller coaster ride over the dunes. If you have motion sickness then you better take medication for it at least 45 minutes before your dune bashing experience.



Dune bashing

Sand Boarding

You might have enjoyed skiing in the snow. This sport is equally fun when done in sand. The natural and smooth slopes of dunes in the desert is a perfect destination to perform sandboarding. You can experience the extreme sport of sandboarding in the tall dunes of the desert that surrounds Dubai. On a smooth board, strap your boots and let the slope do the magic of helping you slide down the slope.

Quad bikes are one of the most easily ridable vehicles in a desert. Easy riding techniques and powerful engines let you cruise through desert sand with ease. The thick tires of the quad bikes ensure you don’t get stuck in the sand. You can climb the dunes in great speed and take on the mighty desert. This thrilling sport is one of the most sought after activity in the desert by tourists and tourists. Also if you're into quad biking check out this mini quad bike 49cc.

Quad Bike Riding

Dube Buggy Riding

Another popular activity in the desert is Dune Buggy Riding. Be it rough ground or sandy desert, riding this vehicle is an exciting way to travel in the desert. The thick tires of this vehicle help you cruise very easily through the sand. The specialty of this vehicle is the safety of the protective cage in which you sit and its powerful engine. This is one activity from which you can make the maximum fun in the sand.



How can you not ride a camel if you have visited a desert? Riding camels is the most regal way to traverse in the desert. Trek the scenic dunes and desert trails on camelback as you explore the vast desert's wildlife and you’re the Bedouin camps. Live this slice of Arabia in style with Rayna tours who arrange a 3-hour camelback ride to explore the desert. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in riding camels, expert staff will train you and make you ready to ride a camel.

Camel Riding

Fat Tyre Biking

As the name suggests, in this activity you hop on a special bike with fat tires and ride the desert. The specialized fat tires prevent your tire doesn’t sink in the sand and you cruise with ease. Explore the rough terrain of the desert and burn some calories while doing so.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience that you can enjoy in desert safari. After spending an entire evening in the desert it is but obvious that you will be starving to have good food. After enjoying all the activities in desert safari you get to have some delicious food right under the stars. Enjoy traditional belly dances and Tanura dances while enjoying a delicious spread of Arabian cuisine.

Dining Under The Stars

Shop for Souvenirs & Enjoy Tattoos

You can get some traditional henna designs when in this camp. Known to be extremely auspicious in this part of the world, henna tattoo designs are incredibly beautiful. Female tourists especially love to have them on their hands. It is also a great place to shop for souvenirs. Well, the entire Dubai is a shopper’s paradise but this place especially is great as the options are more towards the desert experience that you just had and thus, will have a special place in your memories.




They say, no trip to Dubai is complete without experiencing the astounding desert safari and boy are they right! It is integral to the experience of Dubai and an absolute must if you have even a little bit of adventure in your nature. A piece of advice- it is always good to pre-book your desert safari experience to ensure you get the best package, deals and all the last minute hassles can be avoided.

We wish you have a great trip and exceptional desert exploration.