Transitioning Your Wardrobe 7 Fashion Tips for Autumn 2019

Autumn's cooler temperatures and bright colors have an impact on the fashion world. Designers borrow the colors for new designs, which usually consist of heavier fabrics that stand up to chilly temperatures. It is also the time of year when chic women everywhere change accessories and create new looks. However, you don't have to spend a fortune or buy designer clothes to create your own autumn look. Take a cue from the professionals and ease into fall with flair.

You can build a fall wardrobe by investing in some fashionable staples. Essential pieces include a black turtleneck sweater and a neutral coat. Invest in a pair of good-looking everyday booties. High-waisted denim pants offered by suppliers like Superdry Singapore are also a must. You can create a stylish look that will get you through winter by mixing and matching other pieces with these essentials.

1.) Stick to the Staples

2.) Hold on to Your Maxi Dresses

You can save money and create an entirely new look just by pairing your summer maxi dresses with long-sleeved tops. Thrifty fashion writers at financial publication Money Crashers suggest adding a belted blazer, chunky sweater, or possibly even a knotted chambray shirt. Create your own look using layers, but be sure to define your waist to provide structure.

Over-sized sneakers have been in vogue for several seasons and are still hot. They are comfortable, cute, and can be paired with nearly anything. Wear your favorite chunky sneakers with jeans for an athleisure look or with a long skirt to create an eye-catching ensemble.

3.) Chunky Sneakers Are Very In

4.) You Can Keep Your White Pants

Forget about your grandmother's warning not to wear white after Labor Day. Feel free to don your favorite white jeans or slacks with fall or winter tops. One suggestion? Try wearing a black t-shirt and patterned blazer with your favorite white pants.


It goes without saying that you'll be living in your sweatshirts when temperatures drop, but you can expand their use from leisurewear to chic tops. The look is already popular with the younger set. In fact, Teen Vogue has featured a gallery of trendy sweatshirt fashions. Take a tip from the younger generation and add bling to your sweatshirt or choose one that includes a stylish graphic. You can pair either with skirts or jeans and stay warm while making a fashion statement.

5.) Sweatshirts Can Be Surprisingly Stylish

6.) Cardigans Still Rule in Cooler Weather

The classic cardigan has now been rediscovered by celebrity fashionistas and is enjoying new status as a trendy top. You can create a look by wearing a classic cardigan with favorite accessories. Cardigans have flair when worn over a cute top or you can choose a modern style and wear it alone. Many now include accents like pearl detailing.

Regardless of what you wear in the fall, make sure it includes plenty of colours. Have fun creating a look that reflects the season's dazzling hues. Colours like hot pink and brilliant yellow are being seen at fashion shows and on the streets. Even if neon orange isn't your thing, add a splash of fall to your look to brighten up the colder months ahead.


You don't have to spend a fortune to create a stylish autumn wardrobe. As long as you own staples like a neutral blazer, denim pants, and a black turtleneck, you can build a wardrobe. Fashion experts suggest pairing summer pieces with heavier items and make sure you include bright fall colours.



7.) Add a Splash of Colour