6 Amazing Things To Do In Egypt

One of the most famous ancient cultures in the world comes from Egypt. With a history that dates back tens of thousands of years, a trip to one of the most captivating countries on the planet will be one that is packed with some much intrigue and history you will not be able to contain your excitement.  Bridging Northern Africa and Israel, Egypt is the meeting of the middle east and Africa. This melting pot has had thousands of years to develop and has long been an important trading route. This means that it has enjoyed the influence of many cultures that have gone into creating one of the most magical cultures that can be found. 

If you are planning a trip to Egypt it will be important for you to do some research first. There are parts of the country which it is advised that tourists do not visit because of safety concerns. Sharm El Sheik is one such example, with many tour operators and airlines pulling their flights and package holidays under the advice of governments. While this has now been lifted, it is always best to check before you book any holidays. There may also be specific advice regarding certain resorts, and it is sometimes advised to see parts of the country with guides such as the ones that operate with Osiris Tours rather than on your own or to remain within certain complexes. You will be able to get specific travel information from your government’s website. Anyway, here's some best things to do in Egypt.


There are a number of great cities in Egypt that cross over from this modern world into the past. With all of the trappings that you may expect from a modern city that include shopping districts, museums, and so much more. You will also find traditional marketplaces where the noise and the smells can be mesmerizing. Be prepared to barter, because not doing so can be considered rude; but you may just catch yourself some real bargains, and some very interesting keepsakes, gifts, and beautiful food. 

In cities such as Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria, you will be able to weave between minarets, modern tower blocks, and historic castles and so much more. While the cities may move at a high pace, you do not need to. Slow down and enjoy taking it all in and you will have an amazing time.



Visit The Great Cities Of Egypt

Enjoy The Countries Beautiful Beaches

Areas such as Sharm El Shiek have long been tourist hotspots with beautiful year-round sunshine. With some stunning views, golden sand, and clear waters, you could not ask for anything more. With everything that you could ever need close to hand, you will find beautiful restaurants and relaxing pools, why would you want to leave?

Of course, there are some very specific things that people will want to do and see when it comes to visiting the ancient country of Egypt and this is to see the great pyramids. The only remaining wonder of the ancient world, the pyramids were built around 4000 years ago by out of work farmers. While many people believed that they were slaves, they were, in fact, the unemployed and displaced workers who had moved off their farmlands after a great floor.

The amazing thing about these structures is that they were built centuries before any modern building equipment was ever invented, but yet these monuments are work of engineering perfection. They took around 80 years to complete, and you can see how, as they are magnificent. 

Of course, no trip to see the pyramids would be complete without seeing the most famous monument, the Great Sphinx. Part human, part lion, this amazing piece of carved rock has stood for thousands of years and has so many stories to tell. 


See The Great Pyramids Of Giza

Visit The Valley Of The Kings

On the banks of the Nile, near Luxor, you will find the Valley of the Kings. This royal burial ground is a feat of masterful engineering. There are 63 different tombs in the valley, and you can explore many of them. Some are quite simply made with just a single room inside, while others may have a great deal more. They were used to house the treasures of the Pharoahs after their deaths, and so many were found lavished with jewels and statues. The largest tomb has a staggering 120 rooms and belonged to the sons of Rameses the second. 



There is no river in the world like the Nile. Take a Luxor Aswan Nile cruise trip and you will be able to see much of the ancient wonders of Upper Egypt in style while you relax on a cruise ship. With lots of different tour operators offering trips down the river, there is no reason to not enjoy the country at this more relaxed pace. If you want to get the best out of your Nile cruise, avoid going between June and August as the heat can become unbearable. Instead, take your tour between October and April and you will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable temperature. 


Take A Nile Cruise

Visit The Egyptian Museum

Although the museum is in the midst of moving to an expensive new premise which has been ongoing for many years, it is worth visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. This museum is home to so many artifacts that have been found across all of the ancient sites in Egypt. The real pieces that are worth writing home about though are those associated with Tutankamun. 

The current museum has been outgrown as it is home to over a hundred thousand different items. Since the museum was opened before the real boom in Egyptian archeology, there is much more there than the building can handle and the collection is ever-growing. The new, larger, museum promises to have greater security and restoration facilities so that the items can be kept safe and preserved for many more generations to come.