3 Tips To Get Rid Of The Bags Under Your Eyes, Fast!

There are few skin problems as frustrating as the dark bags under your eyes. You wake up every morning, and the dark circles are staring right back at you. It looks like you’ve been given two black eyes, and the bags seem to get worse and worse. 

Sure, you can cover them with some concealer, then a bit of foundation, but that doesn’t solve the issue itself! So, if you want to get rid of the bags under your eyes, then follow these tips: 



Obviously, the main cause of dark circles is a lack of sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, the blood vessels beneath your eyes leak and they mix with fluids that settle beneath your eyes. Sounds gross, I know. But, this is basically where the dark circles come from. So, by rectifying this - and getting more sleep - you will see them begin to fade. Aim for eight hours a night, that’s usually the recommended amount of sleep for a healthy life! If you need to learn about the importance of sleep, and why not getting enough can be terrible for you, then do check out the guide on why Lack of Sleep is Bad For Your Health. This detailed insight, will teach you about the different effects of not sleeping enough, and treatment so that you get enough snooze per night. 

Sleep More!

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, then you’re doing two things that cause those black bags under your eyes. Firstly, tobacco messes up your sleep cycle, leading to the problem discussed above. Secondly, smoking is proven to ruin the elasticity of your skin and disrupt collagen production. As such, your skin gets loose, which contributes to dark circles under the eyes. Try and quit smoking if you want to improve the appearance of your eyes - and improve your skin in general. Consider switching to vaping as this doesn’t use any harmful tobacco. At this time of year, you should be able to find an e liquid sale that will help you get started with a vape product or two. Many people have quit smoking by vaping instead, so it is a helpful idea if you’re really struggling to kick the habit. 


I’m a sucker for a home beauty treatment, and this one is believed to help get rid of your nasty dark circles. Ideally, you should use a teabag with caffeine in it. The caffeine helps improve the blood flow in the area, which can lighten the circles and make the skin under your eyes look healthier. Plus, it can also carry some anti-ageing properties, which will further improve the appearance of your skin. All you need to do is brew a cup of tea - without milk - chill two teabags in the fridge until they’re cold, squeeze out any excess liquid, and plonk them on your eyes. Lie like that for around 30 minutes, and do this once every day. 

That’s all there is to it; follow these tips to avoid and remove dark circles under your eyes. Firstly, you need to address the cause - which is usually sleep-related, or down to a smoking habit. You could use various beauty serums to try and reinvigorate your eyes, but the teabag tactic works wonders. Plus, it’s cheap, and everyone will have a couple of teabags spare in the kitchen. Remember, if you don’t do the first two things, you’ll never get rid of your black bags as they’ll just keep coming back!


Put Teabags On Your Eyes