3 Great Reasons To Visit Egypt

One of the most fascinating countries on the planet has to be Egypt. With a visible history that spans back for 6000 years or more, you will be hard to find anywhere that is more inspiring and captivating. Whether it’s gaping in awe at the pyramids and the Sphinx, or exploring the Valley of the Kings, you will find great amazement in the lives of the people that lived in this ancient world.

Egypt is not only about history, though, but it is also about the present. If you want to enjoy a visit to this country for what it is, you can take in the hustle, bustle, sights, and sounds of amazing cities such as Cairo or Alexandria. These modern cities have a story of their own to tell, and they should be enjoyed in their own rights.

If it all gets too much for you, though, Egypt has plenty of opportunities to relax. With beautiful resorts such as Sharm El Shiekh, you can enjoy a long relax on the beaches. You may want to look at getting on a Nile cruise and seeing the country in more of a relaxed manner. You may want to look at getting on a Nile cruise and seeing the country in more of a relaxed manner and spend at least 8 days in Egypt laying in the sun.

Egypt is a safe country. However, it is often advised that you travel with a guide to get the best experience possible. Not only does it offer security, but joining one of the many brilliant Egypt tours, you will get access to knowledge and insight from your tour guide that you may struggle to find elsewhere. This will help to provide an enriching experience. 


With lots of different tailored tours available, there are many options to suit your tastes and to ensure that you take in all of the places that you really want to visit. 



Getting A Tour

Visit The Valley Of The Kings

Situated on the west banks of the River Nile, near Luxor, the Valley of the Kings is a set of royal burial grounds. There are some 63 tombs here of varying sizes, many of which you can explore. Some are just single rooms. However, there is one that has a staggering 120 different chambers. The tombs were mostly created around 1500 BC. 


The Pyramids of Giza are the last remaining ancient wonder of the world. Seeing this is one of the most amazing experiences that you will get. To think that these were built over 4000 years ago is mind-blowing. Built by farmers while their land was flooded, the pyramids were built over a period of around 80 years. 


Of course, you cannot visit Giza without checking out the most iconic structure; the Sphinx. This lion and human crossbreed has been stood staring out towards the east since 2500BC. Its nose has been missing for the last 1500 years or so when it was believed to have been chopped off on purpose. If these rocks could talk, they would probably have some fascinating stories to tell about the ancient people that lived in this world. 


Check Out The Pyramids And The Sphinx