The Essential Guide To Pairing Jackets With Dresses

If the weather is looking a little unpredictable and you’re worried wearing a jacket will ruin your look, it’s time to get creative. There are plenty of coats that go really well with dresses, it’s just a matter of knowing how to match them and what works best. 

This article will reveal our favourite jacket and dress matches. A common misconception about pairing a coat with a dress is that it will often look mismatched and miss the mark of elegance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Firstly, if you are shopping for a dress for a big event such as homecoming, it may be in the fall. This means the weather is unpredictable and you definitely don’t want to go unprepared so this article will help you plan in advance for the best possible look. 

Once you locate some homecoming dresses online, you can then start looking around for matching jackets to complete your look. It’s easy. Here’s how you will do it.

The tailored blazer can work wonders with any mini dress and give you that stylish edge whilst keeping you warm and cosy. As it’s a blazer, it won’t hang over your dress due to length, hence, works well with the style. Remember to jazz it up with some glitter or floral patterns if you have chosen a plain mini dress.

Fitted Blazer And A Mini Dress

Cropped Leather Jacket

The great thing about leather jackets that are fitted is that they are super versatile. They will suit long and short dresses, formal and casual styles so you really have a lot of scope with this one. Think about A-line dresses that flare out, these look stunning with a cute cropped leather jacket.

Demin jackets are making a comeback and let’s face it, they are too much of a classic to go out of fashion. Whether you are wearing a busy print empire waist dress or a little white dress, bringing out the denim will never go amiss.


Deluxe Cardigan

A luxurious cardigan is just what you need to sooth a chill whilst still looking on trend. Just remember to ditch the synthetic when it comes to cardigans as you run the risk of looking tacky. Go with wools, cashmeres and really nice quality cottons. Then, you can mix the long sleeves with shorter sleeves depending on which style you prefer and what the weather is like outside!

These work wonders with pretty much any style you wear. Think about rolling up the sleeves for the personal edge. Your favourite shades for fall months are black, navy and charcoal grey. 

Hopefully, we have given you some great ideas so you can get creative when mixing and matching jackets with dresses.

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Long Fitted Blazer