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Preparing your transitional wardrobe for Autumn and Winter

With summer now gently receding and the autumn and winter months making themselves heard loud and clear, it’s about time to think about that transition period where our wardrobe begins to shed the bright colours and the fabrics of July and August for the rustic tones and thick layers of October and November. It needn’t be a chore, however. Indeed, it could be seen as an excuse to completely revitalise your summer wardrobe.

So, without further ado, here are a few simple ways to adapt your summer wardrobe for the autumn and winter months.



With a bold and warm enough jacket, you can quite comfortably maintain your summer wardrobe indefinitely. The beauty of a good jacket is that it can complement almost anything, within reason. It’s a wonderful way to make a statement and there are so many options to consider - from military-style numbers to subtle leather jackets, trench coats and cut blazers.

Jacket on

Jumpers and knitwear

Nothing says “warm and cosy” like good knitwear and now that summer is out, jumpers and cardigans are definitely in! Take an existing summer look (skinny jeans and a short-sleeve shirt or a nice maxi dress, for example) and throw a hand-knitted cardigan over it and you’ll completely change the dynamic of your outfit.

The new season doesn’t only mean thicker layers but deeper colours too. Ditch the pastels and stick to earthy tones that reflect the atmosphere of the season.

Skin-tone tights are a versatile wardrobe staple, and they look fantastic with various tops and sweaters. The jumper offers warmth and texture, while the skin-tone tights serve as a sleek, understated foundation. Adding a cosy scarf or cardigan to an already well-put-together outfit takes it to the next level. In addition, tights with a skin tone might make one appear taller by drawing attention away from the shortness of the legs. Outfitting yourself in skin-tone tights, jumper, and knitwear is a simple way to look chic and cosy.

To purchase skin tones, view now various articles and resources available online.

Deep colours

Add tights

Tights and leggings are an affordable and fun way to play with colour and texture and when added to your summer wardrobe they can create a surprisingly adaptable outfit. That dress you never thought could work any other month than July might surprise you if you pair it with a decent pair of tights!


If anything, the cold weather actually offers up more opportunities for outfit flexibility. There’s no need to abandon your summer wardrobe entirely, simply add a layer or two. As a rule of thumb, it’s always recommended to layer longer garments over shorter ones, as this will avoid some of the unfortunate ‘bulkiness’ that can occur during uncoordinated layering. Feel free to experiment though. You might just invent a bold new look in the process! I've also found this incredible site Micolet, so that if you're on a budget and need to find some second hand clothing to layer up with, then you'll have something for a fraction of the price, whilst keeping your wardrobe fashionable and warm. 

Layering up

Long sleeves

One incredibly simple alteration to make to your wardrobe is to slowly start swapping out the short sleeves for the long sleeves.

An autumn outfit staple that will never go out of style - a comfy and commanding pair of boots can add a daring flair to an  outfit that might otherwise come across as rather plain. Whether you opt for knee-high boots or something a little more subtle, they can all be used cunningly to extend the shelf life of a summer look.

Boots made for walking