Five Reasons To Consider A Personalised Number Plate

Personalised number plates are a fun way to add some character to your car and show off your personality. Once considered a bit cheesy, these plates are now getting more popular, for a few good reasons. If you’re thinking about investing, here’s a few reasons you should. Just make sure you buy from somewhere trustworthy, like https://www.theprivateplateco.co.uk/personalised-number-plates.html.

It disguises the age of your car. If you’re spending the money on a private number plate, it’s unlikely you’re driving an ancient rust bucket, but your car may not be the newest either. Remember it’s illegal to make your car seem newer, but a personalised number plate is ageless. There’s no letter or number as an age identifier, so while you’re not dressing the car up younger, you’re not revealing its age either.



It can be an investment. Personalised plates hold their value. As each one is unique, over time, the value goes up. Some people even choose to invest in number plates instead of buying bonds.

It’s a unique accessory. Lots of us load our cars with gadgets and accessories, but most of these upgrades are to the interior. Even the ones that can be seen are going to be the same as the ones fitted by the next petrol head. A personal number plate is completely unique and will immediately set your car apart. If you like to stand out from the crowd, this could be a great reason to invest.



Express who you are. A personalised number plate lets you get creative and have a bit of fun with car. What do you want to express about yourself? Maybe you want to show off your name, your job, or use numbers from a special date like an anniversary. Whatever you choose, a number plate that is personal will be eye-catching and say something about you.

You’ll never forget what your number plate is. It happens to us all; you have to put your number plate into a parking machine or ger asked for it and have to pop outside and check. If you have a number plate you’ve chosen, you’re more likely to remember it. If you’ve chosen something meaningful to you, it’ll be easy to remember. No more having to go outside to check your registration. It might even be easier to find your car in the carpark.

If you do choose to buy a personalised plate, make sure it’s a legal plate for where you drive. Check your local legal requirements before buying a private plate. Most places require a number plate to be made of reflective material, display clear characters, have a plain background and not have any altered fonts or spaces. Make sure your new plate isn’t misleading about the age of your car either. 


If you buy a new car, you can transfer your personal plate to the new vehicle to keep your private plate with you for you to enjoy for years to come.