The Most Expensive Vacations You Can Take On A Private Jet

Have you ever wanted to just cast off the shackles of your mundane existence - go anywhere and do anything? As a private jet member, you can do just that. A more affordable way to essentially have access to your very own plane, a membership programme significantly cuts the average private jet price by giving you and your fellow members access to a global infrastructure of jets that are ready to go wherever you desire at a moment’s notice.
But if you have access to a private jet 24/7, you don’t want to be using it to visit the places that everyone else has already seen, done and Instagrammed a thousand times over. You want to experience true luxury. So, below, we present the most expensive vacations you could potentially enjoy with a private jet membership.

Pristine beaches and clear turquoise water can be yours for  as little as $750 per night at this gorgeous romantic getaway island. Pretty much the ideal honeymoon spot and also wonderful for enthusiastic scuba divers and anyone who enjoys viewing marine life in a natural, unspoilt location.

Cocoa Island (Maldives)

Fogo Island Inn (Canada)

A boutique hotel located effectively on the edge of the world, this incredibly unique hotel can only be reached by helicopter, as it sits on a tiny island in Newfoundland that is otherwise inaccessible. Guests are matched with island locals who explain their culture and the day is capped with a soak  in one of the hotels luxurious rooftop hot tubs.

An island with only 11 villas that are supposedly frequented by none other than George Clooney and was the honeymoon sort for Prince William and Kate, this private resort features a coconut grove, a private entrance and plenty more besides. A true superstar experience.

North Island (Seychelles)

White Desert (Antarctica)

A one-day trip to Antarctica that will set you back just under $200,000. This trip lasts just 24 hours and culminates in a luxury champagne dinner. Guests are given 8 hours to explore the desert, which is among the most remote and beautiful places on earth.

A 74-acre island that also happens to be owned by Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson. Indeed, it’s the billionaire’s private residence too. Surrounded by dense coral reefs and pristine beaches, the island has a team of 100 hospitality experts on hand at all times. Considering there are only nine bedrooms and six individual houses on the islands, that means the staff will always outnumber the guests. The lap of luxury indeed!



Necker Island (British Virgin Islands)