How To Create A Relaxing Living Room

When it comes to our homes, we want it to be the ultimate place of relaxation. After all, it’s the place we go to shut out the rest of the world and forget our troubles.

One place we spend most of our time is the living room, and that’s why it needs to be the most relaxing place of all. Here’s how to do it.


The first thing you need to do when making a relaxing living room space is to remove the clutter, after all, how can you relax if you’re surrounded by clutter?

Now, this doesn’t just mean mess, but all those excess bits that sit on your shelves and side units, as this can make everything just look a bit messy. Therefore, you should remove anything that you don’t need there, like that burnt-out candle that doesn’t flicker anymore. And, if you have a table, stop using it as a place to put keys and coats, instead, find them their own space to help make the place look clean and tidy.




Once this is done, take a look at your décor in general and make it neutral. By making the walls a neutral colour and opting for only the odd spot of colour through pillows, throws and maybe the odd lampshade. However, only have a spot of colour and not too much, as this can make the room look a bit overbearing.

By neutralising the space that you’re in, you’ll create an airy feel to the room, which will make it easier for you to unwind and relax in.


Now, the idea of creating a relaxing living room space is to give you somewhere to unwind when the world gets a little too much. Therefore, you should shut out the world with the perfect pair of living room curtains. These should remain neutral to fit the room, but opt for thick, long curtains to keep the light out when you don’t want it in. 

You could even opt for a thinner curtain too and double them up with the thicker ones. This way you can shut the world out with the thinner curtain during the day, without losing natural light.



Shut out the world


Finally, re-arrange the room with some Feng Shui. While you may think it’s nonsense, it does work, which you can see from the earning potential of someone who works in Feng Shui. This will then give you the ultimate relaxation spot.

So, don’t wait, get started now and enjoy that one space in your home where you can relax and unwind with ease from now on.