Holiday Booking Tips

Although summer is going to be closing in super soon, there’s always time to book a holiday to somewhere exotic out of peak hours. It works out ridiculously cheap if you fly in the least busiest times, and I’m no stranger of hoping on a plane when it’s not the summer holidays and there’s a stampede of kids around. 

So today I wanted to walk you through my favourite tips for booking a holiday of a life time. 

There’s so many websites you can find to grab a good deal, so it’s always good to shop around or speak to someone on the phone. Contact Numbers is a really fab website for finding all the details you need, such as the On The Beach contact number.  It’s easier to haggle on the phone than a website, and they’ll have fabulous deals for you. 

If you get a small list of holiday booking brands together, you can find something that caters to your budget, quantity of people, area and amenities.

Consider options such as Self catering holidays if you want more freedom. If you want convenience and aren’t too fussed about experiencing as much local culture, you could opt for all inclusive packages instead!

Do your research

Always check out the weather

Although it might seem a great idea to hit up a dreamy destination in the cheapest month, but there’s sometimes a reason why that happens. The weather could be terrible, spoiling your beach holiday dreams of sunbathing by the ocean sipping on a cocktail, which turns into sitting inside watching the rain, and sprinting into the nearest restaurants underneath an umbrella. 

I always google the weather and average temperatures before I book a holiday, so I’d advice working out whether that epitomises what you’d like in a break. 

I know it seems unneeded to back up a holiday, but it’s surprisingly expensive to head to a hospital, or seek help if your flight is delayed. If you’re going to be splashing on the cash with your holiday you might as well pay a couple of extra pounds to keep you, family and friends covered incase of anything. Ideally nothing should happen, but having a safety net as a back up is super wise. 

Get the right travel insurance

Sign up for travel newsletters

There could be one day, that you’re sitting at your office desk and check up on your emails to find a surprising bargain holiday that you can easily snap up. It’s shocking how quickly holiday deals are posted up for such a short period of time. So always have the best deals at your finger tips, as it might give you some inspiration for a destination you’ve never been to, or find out that your favourite location is half price for 24 hours.