What is Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment?

Initially, corrugated steel or aluminium sheets were used to clad barns and sheds, but today, they are an integral part of commercial building elevations and roofs. Commercial places use cladding for both protection and aesthetics. However, most owners are unaware that cladding often has cut corrosion. They don’t even know what it is and how Giromax approved contractors can help them get rid of the problem using their expertise and innovative tools. Here we would first understand what cut edge corrosion is and how to deal with it.

First, let us understand what exactly cut-edge corrosion is. It takes place only on metal sheets. At the time of manufacture of metal cladding; they are coated with a protective plastic coating like Plastisol. This coating not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the metal sheet but prevents the underlying metal from being corroded because of exposure to the weather and other elements. These are cut to size for purposes like roofing in a factory where the edges of the metal get exposed and lack the protective covering. When used on roofs, it is this exposed edge which gets in contact with oxygen in the air, water, and various other pollutants. The protection then peels off and a corrosion and damage sets in over a period. It is called cut edge corrosion.

An insight into Cut Edge Corrosion

Impact of Cut Edge Corrosion on the buildings

This type of corrosion only affects those buildings that have the corrugated steel or aluminium sheet cladding on their roofs as a protective layer. The corrosion starts at places where the sheets overlap. This area is most vulnerable to regular weathering, and as time passes; the exposed cut edges initiates the process of oxidation since they lack the protective coating of Plastisol. 

The oxidation process and the action of water and other pollutants slowly increase corrosion due to which the edges get eaten away. If left unrepaired, they can seriously compromise the roof integrity, cause leaks, and completely destroy weather-sealed lap joint. It can lead to a full roof repair or even a complete roof replacement. 


Now that we understand the severe consequences of cut-edge corrosion; it is important that we recognise it and take remedial steps as early as possible. The biggest challenge with it is that the corrosion cannot be identified by most until it has taken a severe turn. Its most evident signs are corrosion blisters cracks and discolouration on the roofs, especially around the laps and joint areas. Flaking of the metals, rust, and warped metal edges are all clues of cut edge corrosion, but an average person can easily overlook it.

Identifying Signs of Cut Edge Corrosion

Treating and Repairing Cut Edge Corrosion

The best way to treat and repair cut edge corrosion is to proactively take preventive measures that stop it from flourishing right from the start. If you have a metal cladding sheet; you must opt for an annual roof inspection and maintenance by a reliable and professional contractor. They have the training, experience, and the necessary remedies to detect and repair the cut edge corrosion long before they turn serious. 

They carefully inspect all cladding and estimate the extent of damage caused. If any sheet has poorly been corroded, the contractor would inform you and have it replaced. The experts will clean the entire cladding surface through a series of steps like cleaning away of all algae, moss, and grime from the surface; mechanical removal of all flaking paint and rust, feathering of the edges of the delaminated areas and original peeling coating to eliminate all the ridges. Finally, they will clean the cladding all over again with a degreasing agent so that fresh grime does not stick. Sealants are then used to fill any significant overlapping gaps and then finally, a fresh protective coating is applied.

You must always choose a company that employs Giromax approved contractors for this job. It is this leading technology that has proved exceptional in protecting all roofs, guttering, and side cladding from the weather abuse and elements of all kinds. Their UV and corrosion-resistant properties are simply amazing. Moreover, they are far more durable than most other protective coverings give to metal roofs. 

Get Your House Inspected by Professional Giromax Approved Contractors for Best Results

Cut Edge Corrosion causes far severe damage than being just a cosmetic problem. Hence hiring a professional roof maintenance and repair company for inspection as well as repair and application of the protective layer will keep your home strong and healthy for years to come!