Three Mesmerising Countries Starting With The Letter "I"

If you’re a keen traveller, then you’ve probably read dozens of articles talking about the different places you should visit around the world. Good cases are always made for each destination. Maybe it has plenty of sunshine, maybe it’s a place of great historical significance, or maybe it simply has the best cuisine in the world. Whatever the enticing traits of different locations, it can be hard to decide on a destination for your next trip when there are so many options. Weighing up the decision based on pros and cons ends up feeling rather arbitrary. After all, there are pros and cons to visiting every destination on earth. So, why not make the decision in an arbitrary way? These are three mesmerising countries starting with the letter “I”.

Italy is an entirely unique country. Take the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for example. Very few buildings on this planet can be considered flawed and stunning at the same time. Yet, that is the case for this marvellous tower. And this is only one small aspect of Italy as a whole. Pisa is a beautiful place that is well worth visiting, but you should definitely explore cities such as Venice and Naples whilst you’re in the country. The former is packed full of culture (the canals of Venice are absolutely spectacular, so make sure you take a gondola ride), and the latter can offer incredible food experiences. Naples is the home of the Neapolitan Pizza. If you think you like pizza, then you haven’t experienced anything until you visit Naples and try their sublime pizza. You should also explore the city of Florence if you want to see some fantastic Renaissance art. The Uffizi Gallery is packed full of spectacular art pieces.



You should also consider exploring Ireland. It might be a small country, but they pack so much into this small space. Cities such as Dublin are incredibly popular with tourists, and this is no surprise. Obviously, the beverages on offer in this city are a huge draw. If you’re looking for a good place to drink your pint of Guinness, then make sure you head down to some of the lively pubs in the town centre. The accommodation options in the city are absolutely fantastic too. Maldron is one of the options nearby if you’re looking for a great place to stay. It’s a beautiful hotel in a great location.


As should be self-evident from the picture above, India is a beautiful country that’s packed full of culture, history, and incredible minds. If one picture can tell you all of that, then imagine what you can learn and experience by visiting the country in person? The Taj Mahal is a magnificent structure. It’s an iconic landmark of historical significance, and it’s also a work of art. But this is only one incredible thing to experience in India. You simply must explore the Akshardham complex near the Yamuna River in Delhi. It’s not only culturally significant but absolutely stunning. You’ll be completely inspired by the architecture across this great nation. When it comes to dining, India has some of the most delicious dishes in the world. It also offers a cuisine that’s far more diverse and suitable for different dietary requirements than popular dishes offered by other nations. There are lots of delicious vegetable-based curries in India; meat is often substituted for lentils or other plant-based alternatives.