The Entrepreneurs Guide To Installing A Home Office In Your Attic

The beauty of the internet is that it allows a lot of people to have the ability to work from home - long gone are the days where you have to rent an office space to get your emails and accounting done. Now you can refurbish your home so that it can become your workspace as well, with everything from a cute desk to comfy office chairs. Over the years I’ve been slowly changing my studio to accommodate a lot of aspects about my work, so that I have everything I need in one room and don’t need to commute far and wide to create incredible content within a few moments. 

So today I’ll be walking you through my guide on how to change your attic space into an ideal home office. 

Firstly you’ll need someone to help out with everything. Handy Squad Handyman within London are one of the best for getting everything done efficiently and at a good price by highly trained tradesmen. A lot of these jobs can be quite tricky to do yourself, so it’s always best to find a reputable tradesman who can do everything for you, whilst you’re cracking on with your business. There's also epic services like a handyman in Australia that are worth checking out too. 

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It’s super important to have a window in your attic conversion both for safety and getting daylight through into your office - Vitamin D is so important for people who run their own business as it can be incredibly easy to miss out on daylight. 

Seek out what kind of glazing your need for your windows - whether it’s secondary glazing, double or triple glazing. It’s always worth checking out the best solution for your windows, as the attic can be the coldest part of a house, and needs some extra attention. 

Another tip is to get draught excluders fitted to your windows to stop any heat escaping out, or cold air coming in. 

Insulating walls can be a pricey job, but it certainly cuts down on the gas bills if done properly. Your handyman will know exactly whether you need to have cavity walls insulated, or whether solid walls need to be insulated by dry-lining with extra plasterboard. 



Just like your walls, the floors need to be insulated so that your home office attic space is toasty throughout the seasons. You’ll be thankful when winter comes around and you’re not wearing 5 layers and gloves just to do your accounts.  The average household loses 15% of its heat through the floor. All new houses have insulated flooring, however existing houses may not have insulated floors, so check in with your handyman near me to see if it needs installing. Consider putting in a good carpet also if you want to keep the space warmer. 

If however you're not capable of converting, then there's always the option of locating external offices like Click Offices. This could be an amazing option if you're looking to have multiple people working alongside you with extra desk place. As every company expands, they need more space - so seek out the best option that works for your budget and team.

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