Places in Asia that'll Leave You Mesmerised

Asia is not just a continent; it is the dream of many wanderers to travel and explore cultures hold by various countries that come to Asia. Whether it is North Asia, South Asia or Northeast Asia, or Southeast Asia, you'll find every country full of culture and beautiful locations.
Just like other travellers, I too had a desire to travel and explore Asia, but in my friend circle, no one was ready to travel Asia with me. Due to this, many times, I had to cancel my trip. But this time I'm done with cancelling my trip. So, one day I did my flight booking to Asia from Faremart.
Yes, I'm travelling on my own. While doing the booking, I checked the Air Canada baggage policy as I'm travelling by Air Canada. It is necessary for me to check the baggage policy, as I'm on a long trip, so I had to do my packing as per the baggage policies.
On a long trip, you can't take the risk to compromise your bag due to baggage violation. So always go through baggage policies of your flight. Keep this in your mind during your trip.
Let's get back to Asia, and here I share some of my favourite places in Asia:

Sri Lanka is also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, and this little island is the best choice if you're thinking to travel solo. Sri Lanka has a rich history, immaculate wild, water sports and what not to offer to the general population who go there. 

You can take the Colombo tea and herb visit, visit the city of Kandy, go to the Sinharaja Forest and so forth. What's more, the best part about Sri Lanka is that open transportation is entirely protected and preferred to independent female explorers.

If you are partial to bone-dry good countries, national stops and shorelines then there's no preferred spot over Sri Lanka for you. The best time to visit this goal is from December to March.

Sri Lanka


Investigate the dazzling scenes and snow-topped piles of Ladakh on your next performance trip. The general population here are inviting and will make you feel great to break the idea of "heading out alone to Ladakh isn't sheltered." 

You can visit the Pangong Tso Lake, Khardungla Pass, Nubra Valley, Namgyal Monastery, Hemis Monastery and so on. Cycle in Ladakh, click heaps of pictures and eat the Tibetan nourishment.

It is one experience which you will consistently treasure and will hold near your heart. I surmise you needn't bother with more reasons for what reason to make a trip solo to Ladakh, correct? 

The best time to visit this magnificence of a spot is between the long periods of May to September.



Treat yourself to an extravagant occasion by arranging a trek to the Maldives. Island heaven, this goal is supplied with white-sand shorelines, design structures, flourishing society and an astounding submerged world. 

This current spot's economy is reliant on its travel industry. You can visit places like Hulhule island, Atolls, Moofushi and so on. The Maldives likewise has countless water sports to offer to the ones that come here like swimming, whale shark touring, surfing, plunging, and so forth. The best time to visit this heaven is from November to April. 





Bhutan is a landlocked nation in South Asia and is the last incredible Himalayan kingdom. There is such a great amount to adore about Bhutan because local people here wildly watch their conventions.

This is a place where there are shocks as you'll discover rice that is red, chillies to be the fundamental dish and superb fortification like cloisters. Visit spots like Paro Taktsang, Tashichho Dzong, Clock Tower Square, Black Mountains, Gangtey Valley, and so forth. 

The best time to visit this unbelievable goal is from October to December. 


Bali, the place situated in Indonesia which well known by travellers for its amazing beaches, coral reefs, shorelines, and forested volcanic mountains.

It is known that this place has plenty number of things an independent female traveller can visit Tanah Lot, Mount Batur, Bali Safari and Marine Park, and so on. You can likewise settle on different water sports like swimming, surfing, boating, scuba jumping and so on. 

One of the significant explanations behind going to Bali can be for dolphin visit that can be discovered only in Bali. This goal is ideal for shoreline and creature darlings, although you can visit Bali at any time of the year.

Bali, Indonesia


Otherwise called the Lion City, Singapore is the one goal in Asia, which is the most secure as the wrongdoing rate is exceptionally low. In addition, it is the cleanest as well. It has the ideal mix of greenery and high rises. 

In case you're that lady who swears by shopping and wants to burn through cash, at that point, Singapore is your go-to put. At the point when in Singapore, you can visit places like Universal Studios, Sentosa shoreline resort, Marina Bay, and so forth. 

Aside from shopping and places to see, Singapore has an immense assortment of cooking styles accessible, so you're arranged for sustenance as well. The best time to visit this diamond of a spot is from August to February.

Worshipped for its palm-lined shorelines and backwaters, Kerala is the one spot which ought to be on your movement list in case you're arranging a performance trip. 

It's a happy goal where you can remain at a tree house in Wayanad locale or investigate the backwaters in Alleppey. God's very own nation additionally has various activities like bamboo boating, outdoors, watching snake pontoon races, elephant rides, visit the tea/espresso manors, Athirapally cascades, and so forth. 

In the event that you're down for taking a stab at new fun things alone, at that point head to this goal. The best time to visit Kerala is between October to March.



You can eat here alone, and no one would turn their head to gaze at you. Also, the cherry blossoms in Japan can leave you awestruck. Visit spots like Todaiji Temple, Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Jigokudani Monkey Park, and so on. 

The best time to visit Japan is between March to May and September to November. 

"Start is what Stops Most People", so stop waiting for others. 

Gather your stuff and go out on your solo trip. Once you're out, you'll realize that it feels amazing to be out there in the world all your own enjoying and exploring new cultures. If you want to explore more beaches, then I suggest you visit Australia.

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