Let’s Stop Body Shaming Once & For All

Body-shamers have developed like a nasty disease we haven’t yet found a cure for. In the UK only, they criticise any body whose shape doesn’t appeal to their personal standards. Sometimes, they think you’re too fat; sometimes they mock you for being too thin. There is no winning with body-shamers. But that’s precisely the thing; nobody said you should win. Ultimately, body shaming is a form of emotional and psychological bullying. Even Titanic sweetheart, Kate Winslet remembers her experience being bullied by students at school and later by agents who often told her she should be happy with big girl roles. Thankfully, she didn’t let the comments stop her. On the contrary, Kate did exactly what we should all do; she focused on what she loves until the doors opened. And they did! The message for today’s article is for all those sleepless nights spent worrying and tears shed in front of mirrors – everybody has a different coping mechanism. It’s time to stop body-shamers.

Body shamers are cruel and choose hurtful words to get to you. However, you are in charge of how much pain their comments can cause. If you can’t shut them down, there’s one thing you can do, and it’s to give them no attention at all. Remember that, more often than not, you are the first person to think negatively about yourself. Indeed, feeling confident and happy about yourself begins in your mind. You can’t compare yourself to others, for a start. It’s a destructive behaviour that doesn’t bring any joy. It only creates stress and pain, which makes you more vulnerable to body-shamers. Focus on loving yourself without needing to check how you rank against others; you’re your own person.

You are your worst enemy

There is no perfect bod, just perfect clothes

Body-shamers have a loose definition of the ideal body. It seems nobody can please them and they criticise top model Gigi Hadid just as much as a curvy girl. The reason why they seem to bully all body shapes is that there is no such thing as the perfect body. If you are healthy and happy with your body, then this should be precisely what having the perfect bod means. However, there are a few tips to make the most of your body shape. Choosing the right clothes and fit for you, from plus size swimwear to shape-enhancing dresses, is the secret to look and feel gorgeous every single time. The better you understand your body, the better you’ll look!

Body shaming can be extremely cruel, as this young journalist testifies. When you’re not feeling confident in your skin, one comment is enough to hurt you. Sometimes, friends or relatives can say awkward things without realising how much pain they can cause. It’s important to let them know what their words do to you. When it comes to body-shamers you don’t know, there is only one question you need to ask yourself: do you want to add that pain into your life? Indeed, when strangers criticise your body, you know that their words don’t come from a place of love. You have no reason to give them any importance. 


Body shaming will continue for as long as we accept to pay attention to shamers. As Kate Winslet proves, it’s a lot easier to let them speak and do what you want to do. Focusing on yourself is your best weapon. Let self-love drown the critics.



It’s never just one comment; it’s a vicious attack