Hot places in Great Britain during summer

Great Britain has some of the most exciting places to visit. Whether you are visiting the UK during summer or winter, there will always be attractions. But as the heat wave is scorching the country, there are some places that get hotter than beyond normal temperatures. If you are planning coach trips from Essex to warmer places in the country, we have some recommendations for you. Here in this article, we are going to list some of the top hottest places in Great Britain. 

A market town and civil parish located in Kent, England, Faversham is arguably the warmest place in the whole of the United Kingdom. The highest recorded temperature in this town is 38.5oC which is the highest to be ever recorded. To give you an idea of how warm it is, this is the temperature Dubai experiences in June. Just 48 miles from London and 10 miles from Canterbury, you can plan a trip to this warm town easily.

1. Faversham, Kent

2. Greycrook, Scottish Borders

A village located in the Scottish Borders, there is not much to experience here other than the warm temperature. Greycrook is popular for being the hottest place in Scotland specifically on August 9, 2003, when the recorded temperature was 32.9 oC. You can include this Scottish border village in your list if you are planning coach trips from Essex.

You won’t expect a seaside resort to be one of the warmest places in Great Britain, but Brighton located on the south coast of England has been under heat wave since July 2013. If you are hiring a coach to Stansted Airport you might want to take a detour and visit Brighton which is approximately 95 miles away from the city. 

The city has many archaeological buildings and locations that you can visit. Also, every year there are many festivals and rallies organized in the city like the Brighton Pride and the Big Beach Boutique. You will enjoy your stay here as the nights are particularly warm in Brighton. 


3. Brighton, East Sussex

4. Motherwell, North Lanarkshire

One of the largest towns in the city of North Lanarkshire, Motherwell has many places of interest for you to visit other than experiencing its warm temperature. It is one of the hottest places in North Lanarkshire with the temperature reaching up to 33.2 oC. The town has the second-highest recorded temperature in Scotland.

If you are hiring a coach to Heathrow airport, we recommend you make a plan to visit the city as well. Heathrow is known across the globe as the major airport that handles the most air traffic in the world on some days. However, the Heathrow airport has recorded some of the highest temperatures in the UK, the record being 36.7C on July 1, 2015. 

Most people do not prefer the city as a holiday destination but if you are getting curious about the hottest places in Britain, do not miss to visit Heathrow. 


5. Heathrow, London

6. Hawarden Bridge, Flintshire

Hawarden Bridge is a popular railway station located near Shotton a city in Flintshire, Wales. The Transport of Wales operates all the trains on this railway station which located over the River Dee. With the highest temperature of 35.2C recorded on August 2, 1990, the Hawarden Bridge has since seen hottest temperatures in the country. You can reach the place via trains as it is a railway station.

Located in Scotland, Creebridge is one of the warmest places with the minimum temperature of 20.5C recorded on August 2, 1995.

7. Creebridge, Newton Stewart

8. Victoria Park, Swansea

Being the oldest park in Swansea, Victoria Park has a history that dates back to 1887. The park is extremely popular among visitors and locals alike. It has regularly won the Green Flag Award which is one of the most prestigious in the country. With a recorded daytime temperature of 22.2C, Victoria Park is among the warmest places in the UK.

With the highest recorded temperature of 35.6C, Mayflower Park located in Southampton has continuously witnessed some of the warmest summers in the country.

9. Mayflower Park, Southampton

10. Gravesend, Kent

In 2011, the temperature in Gravesend increased to the point that residents enjoyed taking a dip in the sea during autumn. The highest recorded temperature in October was 29.9C. 

So, these are the top hot places in Great Britain you can visit during summers and have a nice time!