Stephi LaReine H&M floral dress

Wedding Guest Attire Ideas

Luckily in this day and age we don’t have tons of fashion rules when it comes to what one can wear to another wedding. Long gone are the days of suggesting that a colour scheme is compulsory and that you can’t sport white. Thankfully all these ideas have been put to bed, and we can be as flamboyant as we like when watching our friends and family get married. As it’s that time of year where the wedding invitations are fluctuating, I wanted to talk you through some of my favourite styles and cuts for rocking up to a wedding with sophistication and glamour. 

Dresses come in so many styles, and one place that has always been my go-to point is Quiz Clothing, their dresses have a cut for every body shape, so whether you want to sport a sweetheart neckline midi or a spaghetti strap fishtail maxi dress it’ll be your calling. 

My go-to shop

Jump out your comfort zone

I always try to challenge people to try something out of their comfort zone, something more daring, because you never know if you like an item of clothing until you try it for yourself. So one of my daring challenges for wedding guests is to try something sparkly like these designs below, I find high neck dresses super flattering and if teamed with a rocking pair of heels and a fabulous clutch bag you’ll be ready to dazzle at the wedding. 

wedding guest ideas

Some of my favourite dresses that people have worn at weddings have been semi-tropical, bringing in bold prints and patterns, who said the dresses had to be plain anyway? For that extra nod to the tropical floral vibe, pop a flower in your hair to replace a standard fascinator. 

Try tropical

Change up your cut

Finally my last tip is to experiment with different trails on the dresses, a longer back can really excentuate your movement and look super duper sophisticated!