Webcam and Privacy Apps

There is no better way to keep in touch with your friends, family and even colleagues than via webcam. The webcam apps available today allow you to experience the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation. Not only this, but they provide you with a lot of fantastic graphics and social media sharing options along the way…

PhotoBooth for Win7 – Mac meets Windows

PhotoBooth is a replica of the MacOS PhotoBooth software. It makes it available for those with a Windows operating system. You can take pictures and videos and even add a selection of special effects. Once you have captured your snaps you can then upload them to Twitter and/or Facebook immediately.


ManyCam Virtual Webcam – Best webcam effects software

This app can be used in conjunction with an array of different video chat programs, including; YouTube, Skype, CamFrog, and MSN. It allows you to choose from a massive selection of amazing effects and graphics. You can change anything from your background to the colour of your hair. One of the most popular features is the voice changer whereby you can add audio effects. There is also the option to draw over your video window as well. This app definitely brings the fun to webcam, and if that wasn’t good enough; it won’t cost you a penny.  


Facebook Video Calling – Social networking’s latest offering

One of the latest features to come to Facebook is the ability to have video conversations with your friends. This app is powered by Skype and thus you need not have any concerns regarding the quality of the video and the audio. Once you have installed the app you can use it via navigating to the Facebook chat box, clicking on your friend, and then clicking on the video icon. The best thing about this app is that you can leave video messages even when your friend is offline.


Camfrog – Free video chat rooms

Camfrog is a great chat room app. People can use the video chat rooms free of charge and you can even log in with your Facebook details. The app is suited to those who want to chat privately with their friends, as well as those who want to meet someone new. Despite being a free app the quality of video streams is remarkably high.


Webcam Toy – Share the fun

This app allows you to have heaps of fun and then share the excitement with your friends. You can add over 70 different effects and filters to the photos and videos you take. Once you are happy with the results you can post them to Facebook and Twitter instantly.


YouCam – The webcam software that has it all

YouCam’s popularity derives from the wealth of features it possesses. This can be your go-to application no matter whether you simply want to have a chat with your friends or you want to check in on your employees when on your travels. The tools available range from funny avatars and gadgets for informal chats to recording features and PowerPoint file exchange for work purposes.



Webcam apps

Download the best free and anonymous proxy for your PC

There are many benefits associated with being anonymous online. Not only will you reap the rewards of privacy, but you also dodge restrictions implemented on certain streaming websites too. If you want to remain anonymous and do so at no cost to yourself then you need to download the following proxy app for your PC…


ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy is one of the most powerful software apps you will find on the internet today. This software is available at no cost to the user. It gives you the option to search online anonymously. This provides you with an optimum level of privacy and there are many benefits that come with this. Of course, you shouldn’t use this when shopping, though, as businesses look for tools that offer them the fastest and safest way to verify digital identities. They do this in order to keep you safe, so make sure you don’t try to be anonymous all of the time, as you may break a policy.


Firstly, not everybody wants others to know what they are looking at whilst online. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to search the internet with 100 per cent privacy in place? Well, with the ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy you can.


Another reason why this app is popular is that it gives you the ability to bypass any restrictions that are in place on certain websites. There are lots of websites that restrict access to certain content, videos and audio because of geographical location. A common example of this is when you cannot watch a video on YouTube because it is ‘not available in your area’. Well with the ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy it will be available in your location. This app allows you to dodge restrictions in place on websites ranging from Google to Facebook.


Aside from this, ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy makes it possible for you to watch free television no matter where you are in the world. There is nothing worse than going abroad and attempting to watch something on the BBC iPlayer or ITV Player only to discover that these websites are limited to UK use. However, once you begin browsing anonymously these websites will not be able to detect where you are and thus you can watch anything from FA Cup Football to Coronation Street to the News at Six.  


Another reason why people really like this software option is that it is extremely easy to use. You will benefit from a user-friendly interface and thus you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to use the app effectively. Furthermore, it is also worth bearing in mind the fact that this software option is not only beneficial for personal entertainment and convenience, it can also be extremely useful for businesses too. After all, an employee travelling for business purposes may need to access certain content.


Finally, the app offers security in another sense too. This is because you have the option to select between two different modes; ‘Expat Internet Browsing Mode’ and ‘Anonymous Proxy Mode’. The latter is particularly beneficial for those who are seeking an enhanced level of security and privacy in their own home.


Whether you are moving abroad and can’t live without the X Factor or you have a business trip and need to access globally restricted websites; ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy will be ideal for you.