Travelling with Parents and Grandparents

You can learn so much from the older generations, the stories, the good times and the best life advice you’ll ever receive. Family is so important to hold onto and share memories with. However it can sometimes be a smidge tricky to organise and find the best options that suit everyones needs. So today I’ll be walking you through how you can find an ideal solution to accommodate everyone in your party on your travels, whether you’re travelling within your country or running off on a plane to a beautiful destination.


As we get older, it’s commonly known that you could require some extra help within your trip. If you have someone in your family who needs some assistance with walking I’d look into extra ways of helping someone out, such as mobility scooters to make them as comfortable as possible.

 A choice of mobility scooters are available from Pro Rider Mobility which could be handy for any excursions that require lots of walking around.



Get the best transport

Plan out your trip

The best way to pack in all the best moments into a trip is to schedule and plan ahead. Be realistic about your timing, and always allow for some sit down time to relax, take in the sights and have time to eat. Try to take into consideration if anyone in your group doesn’t like to go climbing, and ask around what they’d like to get out of their trip. I think some of the best trips don’t have to be fully active, even if its jumping on a scenic train ride to cut out all the exhaustive parts. As a prime example, I loved climbing Snowdonia, and it was incredibly tiring even for someone in their mid 20’s but there’s always accessible options like the train ride up the mountain so you get all the added benefits of the views, but still having time for the rest of the day.



If you’re going with a range of people with different ages, it’s good to budget for every part of your trip. I always suggest taking some emergency money just as a back up for extra taxis, buses, petrol or a quick escape from any trip. Although we’re all trying to save every penny we can, if you’re travelling with older people it’s good to consider their comfort and happiness on the trip.


Budget for everyone

Be safe

Always pack a bag of essentials just in case your parents or grandparents need it. So this would include medication, paracetamol, and a few plasters. Most people don’t consider the safety of others within their trip as there’s usually resources around for basic first aid, but it never harms to fling in a packet of paracetamol if anyone needs it whilst you’re travelling around. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Whilst I’ll always tell people to live in the moment and to not get technology involved, there’s always one rare exception and that’s to capture all the best memories to share in the future. Parents or grandparents may not be on the ball as much to get those moments, so take it into your own hands to take a camera, or your phone so they’ve got something to reflect on and show their friends.



Grab some photos and videos