If you look good, you feel good, so having a dedicated beauty space in the home is a great idea. Whether it’s a dedicated space for beautifying yourself in the morning, a walk-in wardrobe or a simple area to relax and recharge, having this space in the home can really boost your wellbeing.  

Here, you’ll discover some great tips for creating the ultimate beauty space in the home, focusing on vanity spaces.


One of the biggest issues you might have with creating a dedicated beauty space, is thinking you don’t have enough room. However, you don’t need a massive amount of space to benefit from a vanity area, all you really need is a corner of the room.

You can add a small corner table, dedicated to storing your beauty essentials. This takes up very little additional room, utilising the space you already have available.


Utilise the corner of the room

Invest in a good mirror

One thing you’re going to need when you have created a dedicated beauty space, is a good mirror. This enables you to see exactly what you’re doing when you’re beautifying yourself. Why not turn the mirror into a focal point of the room? By investing in a stylish, high-quality mirror from a company such as Cox & Cox, it enables you to add both style and practicality to your beauty area.

Once you’ve got your little area set up, it’s important to keep it organised. This means, everything should have its own place. If you don’t keep it organised, the vanity table is going to appear cluttered and messy. Ideally, you want to aim for a more relaxing vanity space that you’ll enjoy using. So, invest in makeup organisers, and jewellery organisers. Keep a bin close by for any wipes you may use and if the vanity desk has drawers, be sure to hide larger items, such as a hairdryer, in there.

Keep it organised

Create a hanging station

If you’re in need of a little more storage for your jewellery or scarves, why not create a hanging station? This is basically just a part of the wall which is used to hang up your necklaces and scarves. You don’t need a huge budget, you could even potentially create one yourself using wood, a hammer and nails. Keeping your jewellery and scarves separately, next to the vanity area, will help to add more organisation into the space, while keeping your accessories within easy reach.

Creating your own dedicated beauty area is a great way to pamper yourself. You deserve a little space to focus solely on yourself. The above is some of the best tips to help you get started.