Things to Consider before Buying a Horse

It’s crazy to think that most people have cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters, rats and lizards but I personally think there’s hardly information online for people who buy horses. Ideally I wouldn’t suggest buying a horse if you have intentions to race it. Horses need to be cared for in the same way any animal does, so if you’d like to buy a horse with the end result of caring for it, then you’ve come to the right post!

Buying horses need a lot of research and consideration before jumping straight into a purchase, maybe some things that you might not have thought, so keep on reading if you’d like to know a few handy tips before you make the decision to buy one.


I think it’s important with any purchase in life that you realise what you’re getting yourself into, and some prior knowledge doesn’t hurt, and may in fact aid your journey with that purchase. So when it comes to a horse, it’s important to understand what a horse likes/dislikes and how you can make that horses life as great as possible. Alike any animal, the more time you spend with it, the more you’ll be able to latch onto it’s needs, whilst also gaining confidence and trust.

Even throughout your riding lessons, you can shadow the trainer and see what they do that makes the horse happy.


Take riding lessons

Budget for the long term

Horses, just like humans can suffer with illnesses, and need medical check ups once in a while. So whilst the obvious budgeting would be it’s stable, food and any accessories like brushes or saddles, you should always consider having some extra money if you need to bring in an external vet to give them a quick horse MOT. As sadly horses cannot communicate their needs to us, you have to be aware of little symptoms that could become bigger things - like colic, which is horse abdominal pain that can cause great discomfort for any horse. Find out more about horse colic over on Spillers' website.


buying a horse tips

Find out any needs or requirements it may have. As every size, breed and age can bring in numerous factors into their lives which need to be tailored to very specifically. A horses diet can be incredibly varying, a lot of horses are malnourished as their riders or trainers are unaware of how much they need. Because if you have a extremely active horse, they’ll be chewing up more energy, so once again as stated above, talk to an external horse vet who can give you all the best advice in how you can make the most of your horses health.

Research your horse

Check the vendor

Whilst you may not think that you need to look into where the horse has come from, it can make a massive different in the buying process. Do visit locations that you’ve seen horses and enquire with the staff where they got their horse from, and if they know any reputable locations that look after the horses properly. The people who take care of their own horses will usually have a good indication of where to find them. If you find a vendor, it’s always worth giving them a quick google to see what others have said on their reviews. Lastly, always remember to get a receipt of your purchasing proof!