Selecting the perfect Salwar Kameez – Ultimate guide by G3fashion!

We are the women of a modern era! Despite adopting the modern dressing style and having an independent mindset we just love going the ethnic way and one cannot deny this fact. Salwar kameez is one of the most loved ethnic dresses chosen by a majority of Asian women over any other ethnic dress.   

A salwar kameez is immensely popular in Southeast Asia because it is simple yet stylish and comfortable to wear throughout the year irrespective of the seasons. Wearing salwar kameez is love when you can experiment it without going wrong. The professional stylists at G3fashion with vast experience in styling have listed a few quick tips about selecting the perfect salwar kameez.



Having the right fittings is one of the important points to be noted while getting your suit stitched. Any suit with proper fittings will make you look graceful whereas the same suit with dull fittings can create a huge fashion blunder. Nor too tight nor too loose-fitting a perfect fitted salwar kameez will help you carry the graceful salwar kameez look you always wanted to.

Get the right fitting

Choose the Right Shades

Ladies It is important to understand that beauty has nothing to do with the complexion. Be comfortable in your skin and the world will eventually fall for you. Whether you are fair or have a dusky complexion you can slay every color effortlessly just by choosing the right shades. Choosing the right shades that blend with your skin tone will make you look drop-dead gorgeous.


salwar kameez

Your height does matter when you are planning to wear any of the long suits. Taller the girl the more beautiful she will look. Long anarkali suits and kaftan suits were in fashion since retro and have been revolutionizing since then. But hang on! Does that mean women’s with shorter heights won’t look good in long suits? Of course not. I mean what are heels for


Height Does Matter

The Quintessential Cut

Flaunt your curves by choosing the right cuts. Choose your salwar kameez with the right cut which hides your flaws letting you slay your look gracefully. Where straight cut kameez compliments an hourglass body shape the best, choosing anarkalis for the pear-shaped body is highly recommended.

salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is the king of ethnic dresses which looks the best with minimal accessories. Choosing breathable fabrics for daily wear suits is always advisable because “ Comfort is the new fashion”.

Go Minimalist

Stylish Sleeves

There are a plethora of options to choose from. A sleeve can change your look up to some extent. Where a long sleeve will give you a graceful look, frill sleeves, on the other hand, can give you a sassy look.



salwar kameez

Your salwar kameez needs nothing but a small yet elegant clutch to complete your look. Pair your simple salwar kameez with a pair of jhumkas and a plain chan if required whereas pairing your heavy work salwar kameez with a pair of jhumkas is always a wise choice. So what are you waiting for? Jazz up the party with your latest salwar kameez look. 



Accessorize Your Look

Heels are Your Best Friend

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”

Some great soul has said these words and every woman with short height can truly relate to it. I do not like wearing heels said no woman ever. Who doesn't want to be taller instantly if you can? Heels are a woman's best friend. Choose the right type of heels depending upon your comfort.


Wearing a salwar kameez is simple yet comfortable in a unique way. Opt a salwar kameez for any occasion be it a party look or a formal meeting look. Rock any of your salwar kameez look from simple with  G3fashion’s ultimate salwar kameez guide. Slay that perfect salwar kameez anytime and anywhere from work and everyday life to formal events and weddings with a broad smile on your face.

The joy of dressing is an art. Enjoy the utmost joy of dressing in some of the best-designed salwar kameez from our wide range of salwar kameez collection available at G3fashion.com.

Happy Dressing Ladies!