Stephi LaReine

Relaxing During Exam Time

Whether you’re in high school, college, university or jumping into writing your PhD, we all need some down-time. My experience of university felt like it was constantly rotated around 18 hours of working every day, hardly seeing friends and not looking after my body. So here’s my top tips to fight through exam season so you can stay fresh, focused and have the happy balance without having a crisis from overstraining yourself.


We all love our Bathroom Luxuries , whether its a roll top bath, loads of fragrant bath bombs, fizzies, or even the odd rubber duck - you should invest in a steaming hot bath filled with yummy smelling products to pop on your skin. For me, bath time is some of my favourite time when I actually get a chance to kick back. Put on some soothing music (away from the bath for safety) and chill. It’s super surprising how the mind can be cleansed when we’re not faced with distractions, so having a bath can give so much clarity when you’re stressed and bombarded.

Take a bath

Drink some tea

Tea has so many health benefits. Although it’s universally acknowledged that every student ever uses caffeine to stay awake, I find that it can hinder your concentration if overdone. But if you’ve just finished a hectic day and your mind is racing around, pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea to settle down with. You’ll thank yourself for having a mug of refreshing and relaxing tranquility.

Many sleep experts say that we need 10 hours sleep, some say 9, some say 8. We’re all cut from different cloth, but whatever the amount is that you’re able to get into your busy schedule, then definitely make time for it. During sleep our bodies need time to repair, so although our brains are still working during a good snooze, a good night sleep will have you refreshed in the morning. Lack of sleep can hinder your trail of thought with anxiety, a slowed down metabolism, bad digestion and an overall ache and drowsiness. So pop some lavender onto your pillow and stay away from technology as much as possible before bedtime.



Remember to sleep

Try meditation

If you find it hard to get a few moments to relax and always feel sped up. Try out apps like Headspace which have guided meditation, so even if you listen to it in the bath, before bed or on your lunch break you’ll have time to give your eyes and mind a breather. During panic, we tend to breathe more erratically, and lose focus. Meditation will train your mind to breathe the way it should do, so that you remember everything, keep your cool and calm focus that is required for your studies.


You can wake the mind up with caffeine, a cold glass of water or some food. But your body still needs some TLC. This can go hand in hand with your meditation or simply when you’re having a break, studying often involves sitting down for long periods of time and you need to get the blood flowing round quicker to keep good circulation. So try some easy exercises like rotating your ankles, occasionally standing up or bending to help with an un-active body.