Recovering from a Festival

As an avid festivaller, I know a thing or two about the recovery process from coming home from a festival. You’ve no doubt been in a muddy field, walked 50,000 steps a day whether through commuting or having a boogie and you’ve got back home and need a little bit of TLC from your holiday in the fields.


If you’ve been camping like most other festival fanatics, then you’ve either been getting your 8 hours of sleep on a roll out mat or blow up bed which isn’t the most ideal when trying to regain your energy after a long day in the fields watching bands, it can’t be avoided unless you stay in a hotel or invest in VIP glamping. The one thing you can do is when you’re back at home is catch up on the quality sleep you missed with a really comfortable bed.  The Sleep Station

have some great suggestions, especially their king size divan bed, for ensuring that you snooze in complete luxury. Considering that we spend a third of our life asleep, it’s good to make a quality investment into that third so you can wake up feeling mega refreshed after your weekend away.



Get a good nights sleep

Pack in the vitamins

Unless you bought the entire contents of your fridge to a festival and cooked it up yourself on a stove, you’ve been eating out in the many food vendors at the festival - which is equally a bonus as you’re supporting so many local places. But it’s not exactly like having a roast dinner, with all the veggies, trimmings and all the vitamin goodness that your body usually survives on. I always make an avid point after a festival to have a hearty healthy meal, take my A-Z vitamins, keep myself rehydrated and detox my body. If you can get back into your usual swing of healthy living, the quicker you’ll find yourself recovering from the weekend hangover or exhaustion.



stephi lareine festival blogger

Heading back to work straight after a festival can be a bit of a chore, so book off an extra day from work to chill, and extend on the times you had by getting all your washing done, scrubbing the mud off your wellies and putting away all your camping gear. Trust me, your body will need that extra day unless you’re superman/woman and can jumps straight back into full time work again.

Or if you need to get work done, it’s always worth asking the boss if you can get it done at home so you’re on top of your work pile.


Take an extra day off

Grab a hot bath or shower

This isn’t just for hygiene purposes, but also for your muscles as you’ve been running around a festival site doing massive amounts of walking and partying. It’s surprising how much work your muscles are doing running through the mud, or head banging to your favourite band. It’s like getting in multiple workouts over a short period of time. So take some time out and soak off all the inflammation with some nice smelling shower gel, bath salts or some candles. Even pop on a post-festival playlist to re-live those memories whilst you’re kicking back.