Organising a Summer Car Boot Sale

We all go through waves of hoarding and holding onto things we may not like anymore. So instead of throwing everything in the bin or taking it to the tip you may discover that hosting a car boot sale could be a way to clear out anything you don’t wish to hold onto, whilst also making some money.

This sustainable world in 2019 has taught that sharing really is caring, and what you may not like, could tickle the fancy of another person. I grew up around a lot of car boot sales, everything was cheap, and you’d always find a hidden gem that you never knew that you wanted. It’s essentially recycling to other people. So if you’re unsure on how to go about doing a car boot sale for all your goods, then keep on reading for all the best tips.


Get organising through your clutter and quantify how much you intend to sell. Ideally if you can create a price list that can easily be ticked off then that’s even better. But obviously one of the key attributes behind a car boot sale is the nifty ways of haggling, so at least if you haggle, you can jot down next to that item what you got for it, and keep track.

If you find out how much you want to sell you can work out how big of a table or counter is required. I’ve always noticed that particularly within the UK that buying a cover for everything is worth noting, as the weather can be so unpredictable. So using a pop up gazebo can be the easiest option. You can easily jazz up your stall and make it look super enticing with a sign or a few fairy lights. If your stall is looking eye catching then you’ll no doubt have more customers heading your way.

Find out how much you need to sell

Locate a place to set up

There’s tons of websites out there that can help you find your nearest place to take everything in the car. But it doesn’t go to harm to note that some of your sellable goods might be better at particular car boot sales. Nearby me we have various niche locations that attract a certain type of buyer. So if you’ve got antiques it’s only logical to try a car boot sale that attracts the customer who would buy that. Or if you’re intending to sell a bespoke music poster then hunt around for a place where you can find that kind of audience. The key is to think like a buyer, where would they be, how much budget would they bring with them, it’s essentially marketing your own goods.

Alike any walk of life when it comes to shopping, the earlier you go the better the deals you’ll have. Even if people don’t come running towards your stall within the first few minutes of opening, at least you have time to arrange everything so all of the goods are out on display. Be ready in every situation, and my final tip is that if you notice early on that certain items aren’t taking interest for some, then feel free to move around certain goods to the front to bring in the attention of potential buyers.


Remember to pitch early