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Do you love rings? Or would you like to give one as a present? Here are some detailed golden rules that will come in handy, starting with understanding how to wear the rings and then giving you some advice on what attention you should pay when giving one as a gift.

We all have our personal tastes, of course, but this article will help you to understand how to enhance the overall appearance of your hands (or those of the person you want to give the ring to) and of your look.


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First of all, a basic factor must be taken into account: the shape of the hand. They are of various sizes and a thousand different shapes, but to make sure you know how to wear the rings so that they fit on your hand or to give one that can fit on the recipient's hand, it is important to understand the proportion between the hand and fingers. Only in this way will it be possible to avoid highlighting possible defects and even better to avoid creating them.

If you have long fingers, the longer, narrower shaped rings will make them even more prominent.

If you also have big hands, we absolutely recommend in the maxi rings.

If you have a smaller and a bit squat hand, we do not recommend the maxi ones.

Conversely, if you have small hands and maybe even short fingers, the rings with wide bands or more rings in the same finger will shrink them even more. To remedy this effect, you could opt for a diagonal mount, so as to slim your fingers.

If you have short fingers and even in flesh, bandages, rivière and thin bands risk making them appear not so slender and in addition risk making the ring disappear.

If you don't want to make your hand look wider than it is, avoid the rings with a narrow strip that extends along the middle line of your finger. And always for the same reason, don't wear rings on all your fingers.

If you have a small hand with thin fingers, you can use discreet, but not elongated, rings.


The shape of the hand and the ring

Tips for giving a ring as a gift

It's very easy to make mistakes. Here few things to pay attention to when choosing a ring for someone’s. The occasion can be Christmas, or engagement, an anniversary or, simply, the desire to give a ring. But, beware: despite good intentions, giving a ring is a difficult action. Full of pitfalls: thought is always appreciated, it would be a shame to spend money on something the person doesn't like. So, it is always good to first observe carefully what kind of jewellery is worn by the woman/men to whom you want to give the ring. Another very common mistake is the size: too wide or too narrow. You can't always tighten or widen a ring and, often, you risk ruining the jewel.  It is better, therefore, to take carefully the measure of the ring finger before going to the jeweller. One solution we can offer you is to buy one of the extendable rings of Nomination, which offers you a wide choice: there are many rings decorated with symbols with strong meaning such as zodiac signs, letters, to wear your initial, hearts and symbols of good luck.

The rings with letters, numbers and symbols will also be very glamorous. And as for the decorative elements, among the most popular options we find natural or artificial stones, pearls, metals and fabrics. Particularly trendy are the rings with coloured stripes or geometric patterns.

The must-have shades are blue, pink and emerald. These big fashion rings can be combined with double bracelets. Consult the rings  in the ring section of the Nomination website, you will find all the rings that best suit you, according to your tastes.



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