My Favourite Photoshoot Props

When you’ve been doing this job full time for 5 years, you learn a thing or two as you go that you wanna share with everyone so that they can do well themselves. Content creation is never a competition, it’s all about uplifting each other. So as someone is obsessed with imagery, the beauty, shapes and narratives that can be created with an image or video I’d love to share with you some of my favourite accessories that you can bring into your photoshoots whether you’re a model, photographer, content creator, or simply wanting something snazzy to give your shoots an extra oomph and dimension. 

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Particularly if you live in the UK, you will know this is the go-to item for most of us with the rain, however cliche it may sound. If you’re shooting outside, it’s always good to take an umbrella with you, whether you’re taking the photos and need to protect your camera gear, or want to shield the subject matter. However you can really enhance on that opportunity by bringing the weather and accessorising it. I have a Clear Umbrella at home that can be utilised really well if done correctly. There’s so many photographers who put fairy lights on it to make their images whimsical and honestly, I love that. 

Also handy tip, it can double up as a jellyfish Halloween costume if you’re budgeting and need something quick and last minute - thank me later when you get a same day Halloween party to hit up! 

An umbrella


Shooting a simple portrait can be enhanced if posed with a flower, or decorated in a scattered fashion around the subject to add some extra interest to the shot. I prefer to use fake flowers that can be bought at art and craft shops as they’ll always look the same, and can be manipulated to be more open or closed so there’s no risk of wilting, or petals falling off. Then you can pop them into a lovely vase in your home and ready until the next time you need them again. They’re incredibly versatile and inexpensive as they can be used time after time. 

You’ve no doubt got a couple of books around the house which are collecting dust right? So why not bring them into your content creation, even if its used to stack up and have a product placed on top? It looks very Beauty & The Beast and gives a vintage and characterful way of presenting someone or something. 



This is a very expansive prop as this could be interpreted as a pair of glasses, a window or a mirror - all of which can turn a basic portrait into something abstract and interesting. 

I love using reflective glasses to portray location or light within my photos. But if you can utilise other surfaces like a rainy window, or a reflection from a mirror to bring in extra dimension and points of interest. The wonderful thing about photography is that it’s experimental and multi-interpretive so the world is your oyster when it comes to creating beautiful imagery. 

In my studio I have a plethora of backdrops so I can do my product photography and keep my feed looking vibrant and fresh. Sites like FoxBackDrop are sensational to change up your look and create a vibe for a photo - whether you're looking for the classic marble effect, wooden panelling or simple a solid colour.