How to Reduce your Plastic Consumption

Sustainability has been on the lips of everyone lately, it’s become the trendy thing to cut down on plastic, whether you’re buying a metal straw to stop your usual drink having a plastic disposable straw poking out the top, or by simply remembering to recycle. So if you’re wanting to save the planet in little ways then please do keep note of these important tips. Landfills are getting astronomically large, and so much none recycled waste is being dumped in the oceans and hurting all the beautiful sea life that they call their home. Everyone can make these lifestyle changes so that future generations can lead a better life.


Everything is wrapped up in plastic, and we throw away so much into the bin or our recycling. However this can be avoided with the simple use of buying food that is packed in the most minimal amount that we can get away with. There are so many shops nowadays who are trying to adopt the attitude of buying loose veg or packing in more sustainable methods like cardboard.

Or if you want to make your order online more plastic friendly use sites like graigfarm.co.uk who supply organic meat boxes that are delivered to your door.

Avoid food packaging

Take your own bags to the shops

If you do however want to do your own shopping, it doesn’t harm if you take tote bags, or bags for life where you can package your own shopping. We’ve all been guilty of buying too many plastic bags, instead of reusing the ones we have, so cut down on your plastic consumption with a simple trick like this when heading out for your usual food shop. As hopefully if we all start doing it, then shops might stop creating plastic bags for our quick convenience.

Disposable straws have been the talk of the internet over the past few years, and although lots of bars and restaurants have adopted a policy of halting their plastic straw orders or replacing it with paper straws, your usual beverage can go without a straw. If you do head into a place where they offer you a straw, simply refuse so it doesn’t go straight into the bin after your use. But if you need to go with a straw, you can buy metal straws that take up hardly any space in anyones pocket or handbag. The mega bonus is also that they’re super easy to clean, and only require a quick rinse out if you’re intending to jump from one location to another.

Refuse having a straw

Invest in a re-useable water bottle

Similarly as buying a reusable metal straw, invest in a water bottle that can be filled up anywhere. For such a simple and basic human need such as water, it doesn’t need to affect the planet just so you can get in your 8 glasses of water per day. They’re available in so many stores so there’s no excuse when jumping on one of the best methods to help save the planet and cut down on unneeded plastic.